Food Notes for May 4, 2015

I had a fun time in Boston, but I’m happy to be back – it wasn’t as green (or as warm) out East as I wanted it to be! But regardless of the weather in Edmonton tomorrow – make sure you get out and vote! On to this week’s food notes:

  • I love food crawls! An upcoming food crawl on May 30 and 31 from 1-4pm will be taking place in one of Edmonton’s most underappreciated neighbourhoods – Chinatown. Tickets are just $35 and guests will sample 4 dishes. I’m happy to be involved as a volunteer “guide” for one of the tours – hope to see you there!
  • RGE RD’s annual dinner at Nature’s Green Acres will take place on August 15, 2015.
  • Delux’s new location in St. Albert (101, 150 Bellerose Drive) is now open!
  • The latest Korean restaurant to open in the city is Nongbu – both Andrea and Cindy have already checked it out.
  • Curious as to what might be on the menu of a vegan-oriented bar? Get My Tab showcases Arcadia Bar’s food, which includes a donair wrapped in a green onion cake.
  • Chef Tony Krause is continuing his Underground Dinners in The Salt Room at Mother’s Market; last week, Chris and Liane captured his most recent supper.
  • The Journal takes it turn to review HALO, the restaurant located at the Renaissance Airport Hotel at EIA.
  • While One Republic were in town last week, they shared their positive visits at Transcend Coffee and North 53. It’s no BuzzFeed shout-out, but it’s pretty cool.
  • Congrats to Allan Suddaby (the Executive Chef at Elm Café) on the launch of McKernan Food Works, which will produce craft food products. The first and flagship product is an apple cider vinegar, made exclusively with apples harvested in Central Alberta. You can pick up the product at Little Brick – can’t wait to get my own bottle!
  • It must be the warm weather, but I had to hit up a food truck when I returned to Edmonton. Thankfully, Bully was parked just around the corner from our condo, where I picked up a tasty turkey provolone sandwich.

Bully Food Truck

Turkey provolone sandwich from Bully

  • My other delirious craving had to do with, what else, beef noodle soup. Pho Tau Bay, it had been too long.

Pho Tau Bay

My usual at Pho Tau Bay

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