Food Notes for August 25, 2014

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to the 97 Street Night Market and the ImMACulate Garden Party! It was definitely a whirlwind weekend, but thankfully, a successful one. Now, on to the next – make sure to save the date for our last What the Truck?! of the season (and biggest ever) on September 12 at Churchill Square, with 25 trucks to help represent the growth of the scene. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Fort Edmonton Park’s annual Harvest Fair is back, August 30-September 1, 2014. Experience “food through the ages” throughout the park, old-fashioned games and learn heritage skills. Mack and I took the event in last year, and had a blast.
  • Liane Faulder will be leading another tour group to the food mecca of New York, from November 12-17, 2014.
  • Chef Shane Chartrand is hosting another of his Sage Signature Series dinners, this time with a “Taste of Europe” theme. It is hard to beat six courses for $49. Robyn has a preview of what to expect.
  • Lots of buzz around Rostizado – a review from Twyla, and media opening recaps from Cheryl, Chris and Michelle.
  • Cindy shared some gorgeous pictures from this year’s RGE RD dinner at Nature’s Green Acres.
  • Did you know Duchess will be publishing a cookbook later this year?
  • Mack sent me a link to a website someone put together all about how bad The Burg is.
  • It is rare that Mack and I can meet up for lunch, but when we do – Pho Tau Bay it is!

Pho Tau Bay

Lunch date pho!

  • Don Wheaton hosted the Driving Change for the United Way event on Friday. The Local Omnivore’s menu was hard to beat – deep fried perogy poutine, and a dry cured rolled pork belly sandwich, topped with a fried egg and cheese.

Drive for Change

Driving Change for the United Way

The Local Omnivore

Rolled pork belly sandwich from The Local Omnivore

  • Mack and I are about a month away from our wedding date – hard to believe how fast time has flew! Last month, we did our engagement shoot with Bruce & Sarah of Moments in Digital. Here is one of my favourite pictures:


Every engagement shoot inevitably ends up with this shot, but I still love it!

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 25, 2014

  1. The link to The Burg site is wrong (it points to the same article for Duchess in the Edmonton Journal). It should be

    As for The Burg being “bad”, I haven’t been there myself so can’t vouch for anything. But, there are a lot of other popular restaurants in Edmonton which are not good either, yet are “acclaimed” by a lot of people due to mainly social media and popularity contests. Until people start realizing otherwise and not jump into the hype, this trend won’t die.

  2. I can’t wait to buy the Duchess cookbook for myself and as gifts for the holidays also. Did you know Burgers Priest is opening up here in January 2015?

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