Food Notes for February 11, 2013

  • The City Regions Study Centre is hosting a discussion on “The Future of Urban Agriculture in the Alberta Capital Region”, taking place at 7pm on February 12, 2013 at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Pre-register here.
  • Still looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day? Yellowhead Brewery is hosting a Love N Laughs Valentine’s Day Comedy Show, complete with dinner!
  • Want to learn how to craft your own Southern BBQ? Join pitmaster Rob Reinhardt from Regina-based Prairie Smoke & Spice BBQ on February 23, 2013 at Creole Envie and smoke until you drop!
  • Chef Andrew Parker is hosting a tweet-up in his new space on March 1, 2013. Attendees can mix, mingle and even make their own sushi! Pre-register here.
  • The Common is hosting another themed pop-up on February 26, 2013. This time, you can expect food and word pairings. Sounds like fun!
  • Save the date! Eat Alberta 2013 will be taking over the kitchens at NAIT on April 20, 2013. We will be releasing more detailed program information soon, but until then, take a peek at our sparkly new website by the talented Pragati!
  • I was shocked, as I’m sure many others were, by the announcement of the forthcoming closure of Transcend’s downtown location this week. Its last day of operation will be February 28, 2013.
  • The Journal reviewed Chinatown’s Veggie Garden last week. Have been meaning to get there for some time – hope to do so soon!
  • Marlow Moo is in the midst of a fro-down with several other celebrities for their charities of choice! Vote for your favourite fro-yo creation by February 18, 2013 and help one of the charities win $500.
  • We may still be in the midst of winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t already be looking forward to spring: a new CSA option is available in Edmonton from Thorhild County-based Heritage Harvest Garden. But you’d better act fast – half their shares have already been spoken for!
  • I didn’t watch the Superbowl, but one of the commercials making traction after the fact was this Dodge commercial about farmers. While I agree with The Atlantic about the whitewashing of American farm labour, it was refreshing to see a prime-time spot that pays homage to the sector that grows our food.
  • Mack sent me a link to the newest gadget that promises to help you lose weight: the HAPIfork is programmed to vibrate if it detects you are eating too fast. But can it tell what it is you’re eating in the first place?
  • Mack and I shopped at the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market on Saturday (deviating from our usual City Market habit). We noticed that the Harvest Cafe had been replaced by Toast, serving food (menu here and here) and Transcend Coffee. We had a market sammy ($6) featuring Treestone bread and Irvings back bacon. The egg was nice and runny, and we appreciated the bit of wilted spinach in the bun.


Transcend Coffee served up at OSFM


Market sammy

  • Later that afternoon, we headed to West Edmonton Mall. It was the right place for Mack to satisfy his hot dog craving at the Fat Franks kiosk at the food court!


Fat Franks

  • The Lunar New Year festivities were also in full swing at the Ice Palace.

Lunar New Year @ WEM

Lunar New Year @ WEM

  • Our family is celebrating next weekend, but we did have lunch with my parents over the weekend. My Mum made the dish that I asked for! For all those who celebrated, Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year Lunch

Char kway teow!

10 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 11, 2013

  1. In other news…

    La Shish Taouk location in Whyte Ave (as mentioned in your notes back in September here) is now open!

    Two Dishcrawl events were announced for March: one in Oliver and another in Chinatown (both will have two days).

  2. Thanks for the mention Sharon! All the participants of the Celebrity Fro Down have great causes! It was a very fun day!

    Sad to hear about Transcened Jasper closing though! I thought that 104 St had become this fabulously eclectic coffee area with Transcend, Roast, and Credo Coffee. They all have different things to offer and have a great atmosphere! I hope they return some day.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Love your blog. Have recently moved back to the city after living in the states for many years. My hubby and I are big foodies, he recently asked me what a donair is. I explained it is similar to the American gyro, he wants to try one. Any recommendations on where to find a good donair?

  4. Good luck with the fro-yo vote!
    Agree about Transcend. I thought 104 was really shaping up to be a “coffee district”. It might return to that again, knock on wood!

  5. Hi Cat,

    Thank you for reading, and welcome back to Edmonton!

    I am actually not the biggest donair connoisseur, but from what I hear, High Voltage is one place to try, while others swear by Home Style Donair in Mill Woods (3424 43 Avenue). Hope that give you a place to start!

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