Valentine’s Day Disco Skate

On one of the most commercially-driven days in the year, it was great that the City of Edmonton was offering a free, family-friendly alternative. Their Valentine’s Day Disco Skate was scheduled a bit early, running from 4-7pm, but the time did allow for kids to fit in a visit right after school, and for couples to have dinner following the event.

Valentine's Day Disco Skate

City Hall

Mack and I headed over to City Hall after work. At dusk, the spotlights were getting to be more noticeable, but the disco music was certainly casting a net of attention – pedestrians wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

Valentine's Day Disco Skate

Beautiful night for an outdoor skate

Free skate and helmet rentals were offered, alongside bannock roasting. To add to the festivities, stilt-walkers danced around the rink, and costumed actors roamed the perimeter, handing out red carnations as they went.

Valentine's Day Disco Skate

Mack with our carnation

I am a tenuous skater at best, but Mack was patient with me, and we managed to make it around the rink several times (more than a few children raced circles around us).

Valentine's Day Disco Skate

Look Ma, I’m standing!

It was wonderful to see families, couples and friends enjoying themselves on and off the ice. Given the Winter Strategy would like to see more people taking advantage of the outdoors in the season of snow, I think a few more events like this would definitely be a step towards making that happen! Kudos to the organizers for a wonderful night.

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