Alley Burger 2013

I was craving a burger all week, so the 2013 resurrection of the #yegalleyburger last Friday was the perfect timing! Set for 10pm, I chose to have a light dinner after work, while Mack opted to forego supper altogether.

We headed down to Hundred at around 9:10, but there was not a soul in the alley yet, so we stretched our legs a bit more by walking around the block. Ten minutes later, we joined a line-up of just four people. Mack and I wondered why Edmonton is such a last minute town; we were certain that if CHARCUT had put out an #alleyburger announcement the crowds would have been out in full force an hour before curtain.

Alley Burger

The line (can you spot Mack?)

Anyway, just before 10pm, Chef Andrew Cowan came out to trade $5 cash for a Century Hospitality Group poker chip, good for one burger each. We heard that in total, over 50 burgers were sold.

Alley Burger

Chef Andrew Cowan serves ‘em up!

Things were running a little late, and we weren’t handed the burger until twenty after ten. But what a burger it was, a medium-rare patty with cheese curds embedded in the centre, topped with fries, gravy and a slip of lettuce.

Alley Burger

The poutine alley burger

In the time that we were waiting, the temperature seemed to drop five degrees, so we couldn’t stick around to enjoy the burger outdoors – maybe next time! Make sure to follow Chef Cowan for details on future alley burgers!

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