Food Notes for June 27, 2011

It was a bit of an exhausting week (but in a good way!). Between my Agency’s 50th anniversary, my birthday and of course, What the Truck?!, I could barely keep up! Thankfully, I have the long weekend to fall back on – Happy Canada Day, everyone! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Advance tickets for the Taste of Edmonton, which runs July 21 to 30, are now on sale. They have two new restaurants joining the fray this year, ZINC and Lit, and a number of new menu items from stalwart participants. Going forward, restaurants apparently will only be able to repeat menu items for two years – that will help spice it up for annual patrons.
  • Mark your calendars for Fork Fest, July 17-21 and 24-28, 2011.
  • As I mentioned last week, “taste of” events seem to be abound this summer, and I continue to learn about more! Ronald McDonald House is hosting a Taste of Whyte – Red Shoe Crawl on August 7, 2011. You’ll be able to sample food from area restaurants, all while supporting a great cause! I think it’s a great idea.
  • The second location of Press’d opened last week. The new location looks beautiful – they took great advantage of the high ceilings.
  • Twyla wrote a great report on Lobsterfest, the annual fundraiser for the Canadian Culinary Federation at the Shaw Conference Centre.
  • Undercover Gourmet will be catering in the fall! I met Evonne at the Susur Lee lunch back in March, and found out at that time that she is a trained chef! Best of luck with your new endeavour, Evonne.
  • Happy belated birthday to The Carrot!
  • Bubble Buzz (10140 – 104 Street) opened for business on June 25, meaning in addition to great coffee, we now have a bubble tea option on the street! The owners have done a great job renovating the former Taco del Mar space into a clean, modern storefront. Check out their menu here (they only use real fruit for their drinks), as well as their opening week specials!


Bubble Buzz

  • Though I often snap pictures of forthcoming restaurants, I haven’t done much in the way of documenting restaurants that close (Eater does it in a regular roundup called “The Shutter”). That said, there seem to have been a number of closures as of late, so I think it is worth mentioning – including Luzzara, which will be closing as of July 17, 2011 and possibly the second location of Health Fare (according to a letter posted on the door, they are in arrears, and are locked out of their downtown location).

Soul Soup is gone

Soul Soup (a sign on the door reads that you can still purchase their soup next door at Cafe da Gama, or at MRKT)

Timothy's is gone

Timothy’s in City Centre


Don Antonio’s on 124 Street

  • I remember Liane writing about Madison’s Grill’s great new patio. I hadn’t walked by it until the other day – it looks like it would be a great spot to grab an after work drink.

Madison's Patio

Madison’s Grill, al fresco

  • Mack and I stopped by the Callingwood Farmers’ Market on Sunday. I had only ever seen photos, but heard that it was quite a lively market, so I wanted to see it for myself. We loved the use of the breezeway – it would definitely help shelter patrons in inclement weather – but found a definite lack of produce vendors. There were a few, but given the choice and variety we are used to at the City Market, I would find it challenging to do my weekly shopping there.

Callingwood Farmers' Market

Callingwood Farmers’ Market

Callingwood Market

In the breezeway

Callingwood Market


  • As I mentioned, our Agency celebrated its 50th anniversary this past week. Our AGM was held at the EXPO Centre this year. The romaine salad was forgettable (and really, a bit unforgivable…limp and dry, it looked as if it had been plated several hours before), but the chicken entree was quite good, given the size of the crowd.

EXPO Centre

The requisite conference chicken…but well done!

  • The highlight for me was our annual Party in the Park, bigger and better this year. Fun for me – I got to play with the cotton candy machine!

Cotton Candy!

I really am just a little kid on the inside

4 thoughts on “Food Notes for June 27, 2011

  1. Hi Sharon, thanks so much for the mention! Don’t tell my employers but hopefully I can quit my day time job 😉 By the way, love the picture of you in the cotton candy machine. No sign of guilt at all!

  2. It is really nice for me to have Callingwood Market so close to my home (5 minutes, literally) for the eggs I might miss if I can’t make it to the others on Saturday – but, so true. There is NO way I can do my grocery shopping there. There are far too few produce vendors and many more craft etc. vendors. The nice thing is that some of these only do Callingwood (I think) so it is a treat to see them.
    Great catch up!

  3. Evonne – I won’t tell your employers :). Hope it goes well!

    Susan – I had no idea. Any word why that is?

    Valerie – the market did have a nice community vibe to it, so I’m sure they get their share of regulars. It’s almost as if the breezeway was built for the market!

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