City Market Report: Week 6

It was another overcast day at the City Market on Saturday. Thankfully, the rain wasn’t coming down in sheets quite like last week, so for the most part, it was still a pleasant visit.

City Market

Almost dry again

We were tuckered out from What the Truck?! the night prior, so gave ourselves the morning to sleep in. By the time we made it to the market that afternoon, most of the prime produce had already been snapped up!

City Market

Beets from Riverbend Gardens

City Market

Cherries from Steve & Dan’s

We came across a new vendor, though perhaps not a new company to those who have investigated home grocery delivery services. The Organic Box, a business similar to Eat Local First, but with a focus on organic produce, was at the market selling fruit. Most of what they had wouldn’t be considered local (strawberries, cantaloupe and watermelon from California, though they also had BC apples), but they were all clearly marked. We picked up some strawberries – The Organic Box will tide us over until the BC and Alberta strawberries start coming in!

City Market

The Organic Box

We also noticed for the first time (although they’ve been at the market for a few weeks) a vendor selling cake pops! Though I think these bite-sized treats became mainstream when Starbucks started selling them, it’s nice to see some local entrepreneurs trying to capitalize on the trend as well!

City Market

Adorable cake pops

To help promote the Feats Festival of Dance, which had started two days prior and runs until July 1, 2011, the main market square hosted different dance demonstrations throughout the day. From above, we caught a sampling, including salsa and belly dancing!

City Market


City Market

Belly dancing (with audience participation!)

It’s also great to catch those seemingly spontaneous moments at the market – like a wedding party using the market as a photographic backdrop. It turned out the bride was a cousin of Bamir’s – hence the Eva Sweet love!

City Market

Who doesn’t love waffle trucks?

I really hope the rain lets up next Saturday – it’s the long weekend, after all. See you at the market!

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