White Night and The Works

Last Thursday, Mack and I spent the evening at two different events downtown – it’s great to be able to just wander out our door to the next summer festival!

I love events that repurpose spaces – there’s something about embracing the uncommon that adds that bit of je ne sais quoi to an otherwise ordinary activity.

That’s one of the reasons why I was so drawn to White Night, a fashion showcase that took place last Thursday at the Edmonton City Centre Mall. The location? The pedway above 101 Street. I couldn’t wait to see how they would transform the space into a runway.

I secretly hoped that the conversion would also involve opening up the bridge’s second floor as a viewing platform (how cool would that have been?!) but no dice. Still, it was neat to see how the pedway could be used for something other than retail and café seating.

White Night

More than just a pedway

White Night was a part of White Out, a week of events to bring awareness to domestic violence, and the work done by the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS). White Night commissioned ten local fashion designers to create garments inspired by a white ribbon, a symbol of domestic violence. The dresses would be available for bidding through a silent auction, with all proceeds to benefit the ACWS.

White Night

At White Night

Local dignitaries, including Mayor Mandel, were on hand to mark the occasion. Although many in the audience had incorporated white into their outfits, I think someone forgot to send that memo to Minister Thomas Lukaszuk.

White Night

Minister Lukaszuk (I think I just liked how loud his shirt was)

When the show began, it wasn’t immediately clear that the fashions weren’t those created by the local designers. It turned out that the first part of the show was meant to highlight clothes available from merchants at City Centre Mall – for their own marketing purposes, though it may have been a little cheesy, it would have been better if an announcer was stating where each outfit could be purchased.

White Night

Retail showcase

Thankfully, the event MC did announce when the special dresses started rolling down the runway.

White Night

Dress by Trish Pasnak

White Night

Dress by Genette Salgado

White Night

Dress by Kelsey McIntyre

White Night

Dress by Cherie Howard

Our favourite, without a doubt, was the gown designed by Nomin Gantumur. Fitted and petite, the detail in the dress was exquisite.

White Night

Dress by Nomin Gantumur

Those interested can continue bidding for the dresses (and other goods and services donated by City Centre merchants) until June 30 (you can see the rest of our photo set here). Congratulations to the ACWS and City Centre Mall for organizing a great night for fashion and a good cause!

After the event, we walked over to Churchill Square to check out the opening night party of The Works.

The Works

The Works

The Works

Ian Johnston

The Works

OKA (the didgeridoo was great for the dancing crowd)

The Works is on until July 5. I know we’ll be back at least once more – I want to check out the coffee cup by Ben Sures.

Hope you’re able to enjoy this long weekend too!

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