The Cooking Chronicles: White Bean Dip and Pita Chips

It’s been pretty busy at work this week, but I was still really looking forward to participating in a lunch potluck with my colleagues. I didn’t have too much time to make a dish, and wanted something that could be easily transported on the bus, and served either straight from the fridge or at room temperature. Giada de Laurentiis’ white bean dip and pita chips fit the bill.

I was able to pick up all of the ingredients I needed from the Italian Centre (hurrah for one stop shopping trips), and with a food processor, it was a cinch to combine the cannellini beans, parsley, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper. I liked the texture of the dip, and though I overdid it with the lemon (it was a bit too acidic for my taste), the citrus did provide a welcome freshness to a dish to be served in cold weather.

White Bean Dip and Pita Chips

I am very fortunate to work in a multicultural office, and the diversity is no more apparent than at a potluck. Today, for example, there was everything from sabaya (Somali flatbread) to burek (Bosnian meat pie made with phyllo pastry), plantain, crispy pata (Filipino fried pork dish) and well, Kraft Dinner casserole.

Potluck spread

My plate

And yes, everything was as delicious as it looks.

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