Holiday Lights at the Legislature

After another hectic day at work, I couldn’t think of a better way to relax then to wander the decorated grounds at the Legislature.

The Legislature grounds, all decked out

The Legislature grounds are one of my favourite places to visit during the holidays – it’s the perfect place to stroll with a loved one, cup of coffee in hand. I could get lost in along paths of light-strewn trees, listening to the soft “twirling music” (Mack’s term, not mine) being piped through outdoor speakers.

Lots of lights

If the lights weren’t enough, there are always fun ice sculptures to admire, created by the Sculptors’ Association of Alberta.


And though we were there too late for the evening choir performance or check out the decorated trees indoors, there are still a few opportunities to do so until December 23.

If you’re looking for a serene place to enjoy (or escape) the holidays – you may find it at the Legislature.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Lights at the Legislature

  1. i just happened thru last thursday nite and was surprised at how lovely it is!
    just as debra remarks, would be even nicer now with the milder weather.

    happy &healthy holidays to you and yours!

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