Food Notes for December 14, 2009

It really sucks for Top Chef watchers in Canada – not only do we get a delayed finale (five days late), but there are ample opportunities for us to be spoiled of the result, as I was watching Conan O’Brien last week (“…and the Top Chef winner, __!”). Worse than that, they just aired part one of the finale a second time! Arg. Anyway, on to this week’s food notes:

A veggie rainbow at Riverbend Gardens

  • A quick stop at Flirt Cupcakes for a gift resulted in a cupcake each for Mack and I. I’ve said it in the past, but I’ll say it again – Flirt really excels in choosing whimsical embellishments for their cupcakes. I liked the cinnamon cake base of the Sweet Georgia Brown, but the icing was actually a bit sweet for me this time around. Mack liked his Eggnog Spice, but would have preferred a stronger eggnog flavour in the icing.

Cupcakes from Flirt

  • We also ran a few errands in the west end, including a trip to the Doggie-Style Deli to pick up some dog treats for a few furry friends. It was our first visit, and more than anything, I’d compare it to an indoor play area for dogs. Apparently they are a popular location for dog parties, and while we were there, a pug group had gathered for their weekly play date. They had an extensive freezer of food as well as dry biscuits. We bagged a half dozen, and the owner was nice enough to waive the charge, saying we should simply come back if the dogs liked the treats. It was a very nice gesture!


Doggie-Style Deli

  • St. City Roasters has been on our coffee rotation for the last number of weeks. Although we just picked up our third variety (their festively-packaged Holiday Blend), my favourite so far has been Tica Toucan. I really had no idea they had such a variety until we were looking through the shelves at Sobeys Urban Fresh.

St. City Roasters’ coffee tree at Sobeys Urban Fresh

Stay warm everyone!

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for December 14, 2009

  1. i agree re: top chef….i ‘stumbled’ across the winner during blog reads last week…..:(

    then tuned in last nite and thought: ‘hey…this looks kinda familiar’

    urghhhhhh…..will we ever see the part 2 now? or will we have to catch it in reruns in july!

    stay warm
    su 🙂

  2. I totally forgot that Top Chef was behind here. It’s a shame really, but I was watching the US feed on my laptop so it didn’t really matter 😉

  3. The Motoraunt is indeed in trouble. I’m working on a story about it for CBC that should air next Monday. Carol, the owner, is such a wonderful lady that it would be a shame.

  4. I also enjoyed the Julie/Julia Calgary dinner and blog writing and recipes that resulted… and the blog world wide fund raising that is happening. I am thinking of initiating something similar in the new year here… one, or the other. Not so easy for me, as I missed the last Edmonton Blog Get Together, so have few personal relationships with most local bloggers, but, the Calgary dinner definitely made me think about it… Slow Food is at Planet Organic, too. Member volunteers are welcome to work the Slow Food booth… I will be there Thursday, Thea Friday…
    I always learn from your food notes! 🙂

  5. GURU:

    Dropped in for lunch on Tuesday and quite enjoyed it.

    Wrote more extensively at Chowhound.

  6. I got the whole season of Top Chef on iTunes for $15, and I get the episodes every Thursday morning (after they aired on Wednesday night in the US). I thought it was a pretty good deal (especially since I don’t have a TV, plus there is no advertisement with iTunes downloads).

  7. I finally did get a chance to watch part 2 of the finale (online). It’s worth the wait, or the extra effort. Dr. CaSo – that does sound like not a bad deal.

    Isabelle – I haven’t been to the Motoraunt yet, but it seems like quite the place. I hope they can find some way to stay open.

    Bob – thanks for the comment! I’ll look for your review on Chowhound.

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