Make It!: The Handmade Revolution

A few weeks ago, Jenna Herbut, the organizer of Make It!: The Handmade Revolution offered me the opportunity to give away ten pairs of tickets to their upcoming show in Edmonton. In addition, I was also provided with free tickets to attend the show myself, which was a nice bonus, and one I took advantage of on Friday.

Alongside many other Edmontonians, Mack and I braved the cold, and arrived at a very busy hall at the Alberta Aviation Museum. Although the Christmas season is fully upon us, I did think the weather would have played a larger factor in attendance numbers. But then again, maybe I don’t give people enough credit.

Make It!

Over 115 vendors were present, selling everything from accessories to clothing, home decor items to food, making it one of the largest craft shows of the season. Similar to the Stop and Shop (which was put on in part by one of the Make It organizers), Make It! has a DJ on site to liven up the atmosphere.

Mack looking to find a companion for Netty

Browsing the vendors, I really wish I wore more jewellery – there were a ton of unique pieces for sale. We also came across some items we hadn’t seen before, including “Metavores”, tiny creatures made from recycled computer components.

Jewellery tree


In the end, we picked up a few gifts including A Jam Story by Sarah Jackson and Gabe Wong’s Blockheads. Mack also bought a small blueberry and peach pie from Cutie Pies, which was advertised as an “Oilers pie”, a name courtesy of its blue and orange filling. We found out later that the vendor was actually from Calgary! Clever marketing indeed.

Another Make It! is scheduled to happen at the end of May – check the website in the spring for details. Thanks again Jenna for the tickets, and great show!

5 thoughts on “Make It!: The Handmade Revolution

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for the tickets. I appreciated them and my boyfriend tolerated them. The metalavores are adorable (but a little pricey). I want one for my desk!

  2. Tiran – you’re welcome! Glad you were able to go.

    Sarah – yes, we’re bound to run into each other at some local showcase at some point :).

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