Edmonton Foodie Meetup 3: Recap

Sixteen foodies came together tonight for the third Edmonton Foodie Meetup at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria downtown. It was our largest gathering yet (read about our first and second meetups), which I think is a testament to the growing foodie community in the city.


When I called Famoso last week to make the reservation, and mentioned that the group was largely made up of food bloggers, the manager responded that he thought we were still at the stage of selecting a venue. I was surprised to find out that he knew about our upcoming gathering, but it turns out he is an avid reader of local blogs as well!

At any rate, I figured we would be treated like royalty, and we were. However, our special treatment, including two free platters of their dessert Nutella pizza, wasn’t out of the ordinary for large groups, though our timing helped. “Vino Wednesdays” sees complimentary bruschetta go out with all orders made after 5pm, and free wine samples offered to all patrons between 6 and 8:30pm. Our server did say that they pulled out the “reserve” red wine for our group though.

Complimentary Bruschetta and Wine

The pizzas (as always) were great as well, with that addictively-chewy crust that isn’t duplicated anywhere else in the city (well, besides other Famoso outposts).

Siciliana Pizza with Basil, Prosciutto, Italian Ham and Italian Sausage

Valerie was thoughtful enough to bring homemade truffles for everyone as well, made with decadent Valrhona Manjari and cocoa powder.

Valerie’s Truffles

It was great to put faces to names, and to meet and chat with other local food lovers. Because there have been quite a few recent additions to Edmonton’s blogging repertoire, I thought it might be useful to list those present at this meetup who do have food blogs:

For those who couldn’t make it, we hope to organize another meetup this summer, which will preferably be an outdoor potluck.

Thanks again to Chris for helping me pull this dinner together, and to Famoso for hosting a great evening!

Edmonton Foodie Meetup 2: Recap

Environment Canada had pegged the chance of rain at 40% for tonight, so I was crossing my fingers looking up at the sky, which had been oscillating dangerously between overcast and sunny all day. While the rain held out for our second Edmonton Foodie Meetup, it was definitely more brisk than it should have been for an outdoor picnic – we were all chilled to the bone by the end of the night.

Local foodies

In spite of the weather, a dozen people showed up for the planned potluck, and as Kevin predicted, the mix of food was perfect: Chris brought several of his trademark loaves of bread; Hanne and Carlo provided two salads; Kevin, Maki, Grace and Brooke made savoury dishes; and Courtney, Béné, Chris and I supplied desserts. (Unfortunately, we didn’t get a good photo of Grace’s chicken curry dish.)

Chris’s loaves of bread

Hanne and Carlo’s Smoked Paprika Potato Salad

Hanne and Carlo’s Green (from their garden) Salad

Maki’s Black Bean Crostini

Kevin’s Calf Moose

Brooke’s Meatballs

Courtney’s Peanut Butter and Butterscotch Marshmallow Squares

Béné and Chris’s Macarons

My (very run of the mill) Panna Cotta

It still amazes me how great the local food blogging/eating community is, though it shouldn’t surprise me – food brings people together.

Potluck mix

We all agreed that we would have a third meetup – watch for details on the wiki. Thanks everyone for a great night!

Edmonton Foodie Meetup #1

A few weeks ago, I wrote about an upcoming first-ever Edmonton Foodie Meetup that would take place at Blue Plate Diner. I didn’t know at the time of course that tonight would be one of the coldest nights in recent memory, but I should have also known that Edmonton’s culinary community are made up of a hearty bunch – every one of the 12 individuals who signed up on the wiki came, in spite of the weather!


Edmonton foodies

It was a great opportunity to meet the authors behind some of the food blogs I read every day, and to chat about our love of food. Here’s a list of the bloggers (and their blogs) that attended tonight (Diane from NAIT and Mack were also there though they don’t have food blogs):

The acoustics of the Diner worked against talking to those at the other end of the table, but for the most part, I’m glad we chose this particular restaurant. Service was good, and portions were larger than I remember from previous visits.


Sweet Potato Fries (Mack loved the mayo dipping sauce)


Green Onion Cakes (I could have done without these, but Mack disagreed)


Mack’s Green Curry and Broccoli Soup and Mac-N-Cheese


My Pozole Chicken Enchiladas (not as dry as the last time I had them, I was happy with the generous amount of cheese on top)

Thanks to everyone for coming, and a special thank you to Hanne and Courtney for helping me organize the get-together! Based on the interest expressed, I think we will be having a second foodie meetup some time in the future. Keep an eye on the wiki for details!

Edmonton Foodie Meetup!

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, I’m sure that you are aware that Edmonton has quite an active online food community. The number of culinary bloggers has increased significantly over the last year, and I’m sure there are many blogs I still haven’t come across.

Hanne of Supper in Stereo and I talked about the idea of an Edmonton foodie meetup in December, and after a series of e-mails with her and Courtney of Take it and Like it, we now have details of our first meeting to share!

Who: Local food bloggers and any interested foodies

What: Edmonton Foodie Meetup

When: February 26, 2009 at 6:30pm

Where: Blue Plate Diner, 10145 104 Street NW

Why: To put a face to a blog, and of course, to discuss everything food!

Mack helped me set up a wiki so people can sign up. We were only able to secure a reservation for 14 people total, so if we receive an overwhelming response, we may shift the venue over to a lounge that will be able to accommodate a larger group. If you are interested in coming, please add your name (and blog!) to the wiki by February 22.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for another way to connect with others from the local online community, consider coming out to Edmonton Twestival, in support of charity:water, which I blogged about last week. It’s taking place at Vintage Lounge on Thursday, February 12. Here’s an updated list of the prizes that online registrants will be eligible to win. Hope to see you there!