Edmonton Foodie Meetup!

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, I’m sure that you are aware that Edmonton has quite an active online food community. The number of culinary bloggers has increased significantly over the last year, and I’m sure there are many blogs I still haven’t come across.

Hanne of Supper in Stereo and I talked about the idea of an Edmonton foodie meetup in December, and after a series of e-mails with her and Courtney of Take it and Like it, we now have details of our first meeting to share!

Who: Local food bloggers and any interested foodies

What: Edmonton Foodie Meetup

When: February 26, 2009 at 6:30pm

Where: Blue Plate Diner, 10145 104 Street NW

Why: To put a face to a blog, and of course, to discuss everything food!

Mack helped me set up a wiki so people can sign up. We were only able to secure a reservation for 14 people total, so if we receive an overwhelming response, we may shift the venue over to a lounge that will be able to accommodate a larger group. If you are interested in coming, please add your name (and blog!) to the wiki by February 22.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for another way to connect with others from the local online community, consider coming out to Edmonton Twestival, in support of charity:water, which I blogged about last week. It’s taking place at Vintage Lounge on Thursday, February 12. Here’s an updated list of the prizes that online registrants will be eligible to win. Hope to see you there!

6 thoughts on “Edmonton Foodie Meetup!

  1. Sounds interesting, but my site isn’t a food blog, and I’m not so much a foodie as someone who reads your blog and always “intends” to go to this restaurant and that restaurant. Plus I’m underage, which makes things a little weird.

  2. Sadly, (or not so sadly, what am I saying!) I will be in China on the 22nd – hope it goes well & that I can attend a future event. Congrats on the Ed Journal cover!

  3. oh! i cannot make this date, but do let us know what happens….will look forward to the next one!

  4. Alan – all are welcome; it’s really up to you!

    egirl – have a great trip! I’m sure the food you will have in China will be amazing!

    supersu – definitely if this goes well, we will have another one.

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