Edmonton Foodie Meetup #1

A few weeks ago, I wrote about an upcoming first-ever Edmonton Foodie Meetup that would take place at Blue Plate Diner. I didn’t know at the time of course that tonight would be one of the coldest nights in recent memory, but I should have also known that Edmonton’s culinary community are made up of a hearty bunch – every one of the 12 individuals who signed up on the wiki came, in spite of the weather!


Edmonton foodies

It was a great opportunity to meet the authors behind some of the food blogs I read every day, and to chat about our love of food. Here’s a list of the bloggers (and their blogs) that attended tonight (Diane from NAIT and Mack were also there though they don’t have food blogs):

The acoustics of the Diner worked against talking to those at the other end of the table, but for the most part, I’m glad we chose this particular restaurant. Service was good, and portions were larger than I remember from previous visits.


Sweet Potato Fries (Mack loved the mayo dipping sauce)


Green Onion Cakes (I could have done without these, but Mack disagreed)


Mack’s Green Curry and Broccoli Soup and Mac-N-Cheese


My Pozole Chicken Enchiladas (not as dry as the last time I had them, I was happy with the generous amount of cheese on top)

Thanks to everyone for coming, and a special thank you to Hanne and Courtney for helping me organize the get-together! Based on the interest expressed, I think we will be having a second foodie meetup some time in the future. Keep an eye on the wiki for details!

18 thoughts on “Edmonton Foodie Meetup #1

  1. It was really great coming out Sharon, thanks for organizing it! Even though I don’t blog about it, I always love meeting people and of course eating. I invite your comments, feedback & suggestions on the content we do create though. Here are a few spots:

    Allan McCagherty

    We’re hoping to make the techlife magazine website a blog format later this year. We have a section called CuliNAIT that I’m sure you’d be interested in. 🙂

  2. hi court,

    i’m sorry i missed hearing about this in time! i would love to join fellow edmonton food bloggers the next time a get-together is planned.

    thanks for checking out edmonton foodie!


  3. Hi,

    Would love to invite all Edmonton foodies to try a new South Indian restaurant opened in Edmonton’s downtown Oliver Square district. We value the support of our local Edmonton community and would very much appreciate your support. We would like to offer you 20% off your first visit and look forward to catering to your next foodie meet-up.

    Please feel free to email the manager at bistroindia2010@gmail.com regarding this offer and we will most certainly welcome your visit.

    Bistro India

  4. Hello,
    my name is Darcie, and I am the community development specialist from Microsoft in the West Edmonton Mall. I was wondering if your group was looking for a space to swap recipes and talk about the best meal you’ve had in the city.
    I recently had a co-worker in Toronto team up with a local photography group to host an evening of them showcasing their work, on his 103″ screen in the back of his location. I wasn’t sure if your group would be interested but it might be a nice mixer to have some photographs display and have the photographers explain their work, like where they ate what dish and what was good what wasn’t. Or trade tips and tricks.
    Let me know if this is something that would interest your group and I can give you my space for free!

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