Food Notes for May 30, 2022



Upcoming Events

  • The Twilight Picnic Experience is back at the University of Alberta Botanic Garden. The events resume in June, and the $125 tickets include admission to the Garden for two, activities, and a gourmet picnic box.

Local News

Urban Agriculture and Farming

  • When the cap of urban hens was lifted in 2019, the number of backyard hens in 2020 and 2021 exceeded all previous years combined.
  • The Wâposo-Wâti Park and Community Garden is now open at 107 Avenue and 110 Street. It is a partnership between Native Counselling Services of Alberta, the City of Edmonton, and Alberta Retina Consultants.

What I Ate

  • I finally swung by YEG Smoked Meats to fulfill my #AdoptAShopAB commitment. I picked up our family’s favourite beef pepperoni, along with some sausage and Montreal smoked meat.
  • YEG Smoked Meats

YEG Smoked Meats product

  • Summers are for picnics: we grabbed some take-out from Jack’s Burger Shack and enjoyed it at our neighbourhood park.
  • Jack’s Burger Shack

My go-to Hangover burger

  • We are happy to have a tasty new Downtown neighbour – it will be ready handy (and dangerous) to have Seoul Fried Chicken so close. I especially love the golden kari.
  • Seoul Fried Chicken

Our Seoul Fried Chicken spread

  • We celebrated a family birthday at Branches at the Greenland Garden Centre. It was certainly a hit with Emily – she wolfed down the mini pancake bites (it helped that they were covered in sugar, alongside whipped cream, syrup, and Nutella for dipping).
  • Branches

Breakfast bowl and breakfast pizza from branches

  • Mack and I had a hosted date night at Fu’s Repair Shop. We loved the vibe, and everything, from the drink menu to the dishes was so playful but well conceived. Our favourite dishes were the pork wontons and the green onion cake panzanella salad.
  • Fu’s Repair Shop

Noodles and won tons from Fu’s

  • Our plot is in at the Alex Decoteau Community Garden! We always put our faith in tomato plants from Sundog Organics, but this year we’re also trying out growing peppers and cucumbers for the first time. It’s a great excuse to spend time outdoors, and Emily is now at the age where she loves assisting her fellow community gardeners.
  • Alex Decoteau Community Garden

Garden selfie!

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