Food Notes for February 22, 2021

Edmontonians Among Western Living’s Foodies of the Year

Western Living released their 14th annual Foodies of the Year list, and though it is heavily represented by candidates from BC, several Edmontonians were recognized for their contributions to the local food scene.

Journalist Liane Faulder, who covered the food beat for more than a decade at the Edmonton Journal, is among the honorees. Although she continues to cover the arts scene for the publication, I miss reading her food-related stories; Liane’s passion for the people behind the food was always evident.

Also on the list are the trio behind Meuwly’s, Peter Keith, Will Kotowicz, and Glendon Tan. They just celebrated the fourth birthday of their Secret Meat Club venture, which eventually led to opening their 124 Street storefront.

Brian Welch of Farrow was also recognized for the expansion of Farrow (including a fourth location early this year) and the Three Boars pandemic pivot of High Dough.

Rounding out the list is Greg Zeschuk of Ritchie Market, credited for making this southside neighbourhood a food destination. The Market also attracted other like-minded businesses to the area, including Farrow, Kind Ice Cream, and Doughnut Party.

The top ten Foodies of the Year will be released on March 10, 2021.

COVID-19-related News

Upcoming Events

  • Eats on 118 is returning March 1-31, 2021. The event features $15-25 dine-in and take-out specials, and new this year, a Tour & Taste Box featuring products from several vendors, delivered to your home for $65. Menus will be posted soon.
  • Above Average Drinks is hosting a virtual cocktail experience on March 5, 2021 with bartender James Grant (of Little HK and Pablo). Kits containing three single serve cocktails are available through Color de Vino for $65 and must be pre-ordered by March 1, 2021.

Local News

  • There’s a new bread pop-up in town called Breadmonton.
  • It’s also great to see specialized home-based businesses, such as Scandinavian bakery Söta Saker, start up during the pandemic.
  • Chee’s Sandwich + Soup is a ghost kitchen operates out of the Midway kitchen.
  • YEGdate now offers a YEGdate Box, which features four dates, either in the box, or certificates that can be redeemed, two mini dates, and two perks.
  • The latest Best Dishes column on CBC Radioactive highlights Rosewood Foods.
  • On the heels of Chartier’s appearance on Food Network’s Big Food Bucket List, Zwick’s Pretzels also made an appearance on the show over the weekend. Congrats!
  • Businesses in the 124 Street area are offering an incentive to visit their neighbours, with a discount at a second business when you patronize another. Check out the participating businesses here.
  • Mercer Tavern debuted a new menu created by their new chef Kunal Sawhney. It features items like Korean fried cauliflower, grilled romaine salad, and a house cured corn beef sandwich.
  • Tamara Vineberg posted about Olympus Donair in Riverbend that looked like it was in trouble and could use some community support.
  • Oodle Noodle continues their aggressive expansion, with plans to open at least five locations in Edmonton this year, including its first food court branch. They will also be expanding into Calgary and southern Alberta.
  • Home-based pasta business bell’uovo, started by theatre performer Gianna Vacirca, was featured in the Journal and CBC Radioactive.
  • The Journal featured noodle kit company Nai Nai Mie who has grown their business significantly over the last year.
  • Local chefs Allan Suddaby and Chael MacDonald have launched their own podcast called Food Court.
  • FC Edmonton debuted a YouTube series called Eat Like an Eddie, featuring recipes prepared by a Registered Dietician alongside one of the players.
  • Also on YouTube, the Dickinsfield Amity House started the Collective Kitchens YouTube channel highlighting simple recipes for home cooks.
  • It’s great to see local arts organizations partner with restaurants, such as the Citadel Theatre and RGE RD for Valentine’s Day. The Catalyst Theatre is partnering with Dalla Tavola Zenari so those looking for something to enjoy can do so while streaming UnCovered on March 8, 2021.
  • Edmonton-based food processor Canyon Creek is investing $1.7 million to increase their production capacity.
  • A group of volunteers in southeast Edmonton continue to give back to the community through prepared meals for those in need.

Beyond Edmonton

Urban Agriculture and Farming

What I Ate

  • We were really looking forward to trying DOSC’s weekend ghost kitchen, Burger Brawl. The fun concept of “burger contenders” named after video game characters is immensely marketable, but we were more excited about having another great option on our street. Mack’s Donkey Kong burger fared better, but I was disappointed with my order. The bun on my Bowser burger were so charred I couldn’t taste much else – a pity, as the patty was cooked to a beautiful medium rare. We hope it was a one-off and would consider trying it again – it does seem to be very popular as they consistently sell out.

Burger Brawl

Our Burger Brawl order

  • I signed up to support a couple of businesses on Linda’s #yegdt Adopt A Shop, running until the end of the month. We started with LovePizza – it was a great excuse to finally try Drift’s feature pizza. I loved the sweet hoisin glaze, and of course the pork belly! There’s less than a week to sample The Drifty, if you’re so inclined.


We LovePizza (and Drift)!

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