Food Notes for May 25, 2020

Filistix the First to Undergo “Permanent Pivot”

There have been many stories about how local restaurants have adapted to the COVID reality out of necessity, offering take-out and delivery, meal kits, and opening up their pantries. And though some food businesses have decided to re-open their dining rooms again, one local restaurant has decided their new model will be here to stay.

Filistix, who was due to celebrate the one year anniversary of their Downtown storefront on May 26, 2020, has chosen to permanently pivot away from full service dining. After two months of positive response to their in-house delivery service, and in light of their need to plan for the future of the restaurant, they will be focusing on delivery, take-out and fast casual dining.

Ariel del Rosario, co-owner of Filistix, wrote,

Are we set up for success? Are we going to come out of this unscathed? Only time will tell.  But I am confident that we are putting ourselves in a good position to weather the storm.  It was already an immensely tough challenge to break an unfamiliar, unpopular cuisine to the Edmonton masses.  We don’t serve pizza, or burgers, or sushi.  We serve Filipino food and the curve is steep to bring it to the level of acceptance as our Asian counterparts.  One thing we learned from our food cart days is that to survive, we had to adapt and evolve.  How we come out of this, we look at it as another chapter in our story, another adventure on our journey.

Find Filistix here.

In other COVID-19-related news:


  • A new food cart is now open in Edmonton, called Street Tacos.

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  • Chilly weather last week had me craving bun bo Hue, so take-out from King Noodle House was in order!

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Our usual from King Noodle House

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