Food Notes for May 7, 2018

Bottega 104

Packrat Louie no more

  • Mack and I had a dinner date out at Baijiu last week that coincided with the introduction of their new menu! We really enjoyed the the banana leaf-wrapped sole. The flavours were bright and the fish was perfectly steamed. We’ll be back at some point to try out some of their other new dishes, too.


Banana leaf-wrapped sole at Baijiu

  • It’s always nice to get out to Meat for their family-style platters, which we did to celebrate Thom’s birthday over the weekend. I’d forgotten just how good their mac and cheese is.


Our spread at Meat

  • I picked up some take-out from the newly-opened Kanto over the weekend. The food was priced on the higher side, but of what I tried, their fried chicken Bao Bae ($15.50) was my favourite. The batter was crispy and well seasoned.


Bao Bae from Kanto

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