Food Notes for October 24, 2016


Local Public Eatery

  • Mack and I were invited to dine as guests at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which has been open downtown for more than 45 years. One of the objectives of the gathering was to remind diners that they’re continuing to offer the same value priced meals that they’re known for, in spite of some of the changes in the neighbourhood. They’ve only needed to raise prices about $1 to accommodate the minimum wage hike, but many of their long-standing patrons have not returned to the restaurant since the opening of Rogers Place primarily due to parking increases. Although its early days yet for the Ice District, the Old Spaghetti Factory is hoping it can attract some new guests and retain their regular clientele – I wish them the best of luck in these shifting tides.


Vegetarian lasagna and broccoli with Mizithra cheese from the Old Spaghetti Factory

  • We received our last Sugared & Spiced Cake Club delivery for the year, a belated anniversary cake. It was our favourite one yet!


Cake for days

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