Food Notes for January 4, 2016

I was back at work last week, so gave myself a bit more transition time from the holidays with another week away from the blog. I hope your 2016 has started off happy! On to this week’s food notes:

  • 12 Acres is hosting a collaborative dinner on January 16, 2016, featuring a 6 course meal prepared by Chefs Cory Rakowski and guest chef Robin Waiscuna from Yellowknife.
  • The Tomato is currently compiling its list of 100 Best Things to Eat in Edmonton. Submit your favourites from January 4-29, 2016.
  • Phil posted that the new Washoku Japanese Bistro is set to open on January 12, 2016 at the corner of 124 Street and 107 Avenue.
  • Eva noticed that the former Wok Box storefront on Jasper Avenue and 112 Street is soon to be a Korean restaurant called Soy & Pepper.
  • Driving past it the other day, we just noticed that the New Asian Village location at 10149 Saskatchewan Drive has changed ownership, and is now The Great Indian Factory. Anyone been?
  • Linda checked out Walia Ethiopian Restaurant, the newest establishment to join the 124 Street neighbourhood.
  • The Journal wished for more consistency from Alberta Hotel Bar & Kitchen.
  • Jonny visited another new-ish Korean restaurant called Korean Grill.
  • Liane put together a great piece summarizing Edmonton’s food scene in 2015. Looking forward, she also does her best to predict what we might see in 2016.
  • CBC shared their round-up of best food establishments in a variety of categories, including best breakfast spot, cheap eats, and best food truck. In my opinion, the category of best ramen should have been saved for another year when there will be more options to choose from, but to each their own.
  • Where Edmonton named Workshop Eatery its best new restaurant of 2015. I think it shows a lot of promise, but given it only opened in mid-November, were there no other longer-standing options?
  • YEGFoodie shared her 2015 year in review.
  • John Gilchrist names Calgary’s best new restaurants of 2015, with Charbar, Pigeonhole and Whitehall tying for the top spot.
  • Mack sent me an article about Mast Brothers, and their not-so-secret past passing off Vahlrona-based chocolate as their own bean-to-bar concoctions. To that effect, the NYT did a blind taste test of various bars, where the Mast Brothers did not make their top ten.
  • I couldn’t quite catch it while whizzing by, but it looks like the Old Szechuan Restaurant has relocated from their 107 Avenue digs to Old Strathcona. A new restaurant has already put up signage in its place.

Wheat Garden Noodle & Dumpling Bazaar

Wheat Garden Noodle & Dumpling Bazaar

  • This was a notice up at a Superstore branch we stopped at last week. I’m sure it won’t be the last notice of its kind over the next year.


Customer Notice at Superstore

  • Though my holiday wasn’t as long as I would have liked, we certainly made up for it in food. There was dim sum at Tasty Noodle (creeping up to be my favourite dim sum restaurant in Edmonton).

Tasty Noodle

Dim sum spread at Tasty Noodle

  • We also had brunch with friends at Meat, which continues to be a hidden gem in Edmonton’s weekend scene.


Beef brisket benny at Meat

  • And to celebrate Mack’s birthday, we had our first Cake Club delivery of an absolutely stunning (and delicious) carrot cake.

Cake Club Carrot Cake

Sugared and Spiced carrot cake for the birthday boy!

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