Food Notes for December 14, 2015

Can you believe Christmas is next week? There seems to be so much to do in the meantime, but all I’m hoping for is a few days off of work to enjoy the season! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Chef Brad Smoliak is hosting their annual Kitchen Christmas sale on December 19, 2015, from 12-4:30pm. Stock up on their famous Bacon Jam and BBQ Rub, among other pantry goodies.
  • Get Cooking is hosting a six-course pop-up Comal Mexican Table Dinner on January 7 and 8, 2016.
  • Frosty Fox, which sold its honest ice creams at the City Market this summer, is continuing into the winter with their Ice Cream Squad – a three month subscription is $60, and will give you two pints or four sandwiches per month. E-mail Jennifer to join now!
  • The much-anticipated Prairie Noodle Shop had a soft opening this weekend, but they’ll be welcoming diners officially on December 15, 2015.
  • Liane shared that The Volstead Act (who were involved in setting up Woodwork), will open a new bar and restaurant in The Pearl.
  • Stephanie pointed out a new Vietnamese restaurant, Pholangs, that opened recently at #109, 2920 Calgary Trail.
  • Reviews are in for The Workshop Eatery, from Cindy and Linda. I look forward to visiting myself this weekend!
  • The Journal published one of its most brutal restaurant reviews last week, about Olio d’Oliva: “The lamb chops had that sickly steam table/pressure cooker pallor, and the sauce meant to be poured over the couscous had all the snap of a tin of generic tomato soup.”
  • Linda checked out Yumioca and Shun, for bubble tea and snacks, respectively.
  • Andrea offers her thoughts on Alberta Hotel Bar and Kitchen.
  • Andrea is also the latest to cover XIX Nineteen’s new St. Albert location.
  • Some restaurant closings: The Cheese Factory looks like it is becoming a Dixie Lee Fried Chicken and Seafood Restaurant, and the Whyte Avenue Elephant & Castle will shutter on December 21, 2015.
  • It’s list season: The Globe and Mail highlights the 10 best restaurant openings in Alberta. The Edmonton picks: XIX Nineteen, Nongbu, Solstice, Bar Bricco, and Rostizado. As Robyn pointed out – it’s unfortunate that the latter two actually opened in 2014 (Solstice opened right at the end of 2014, so it could be considered for 2015).
  • Similarly, Huffington Post rounded up some of 2015’s best restaurant openings as well. The eateries that made the list: Nongbu, Little Brick, 12 Acres, Buco and Prairie Noodle Shop. I’m not sure pop-up events should be considered the same as having a brick and mortar restaurant, so I think the last one should have really been considered for next year.
  • The Local Good highlights some of the changes that resulted in North 53’s success this year.
  • Liane covered the recent Slow Food Edmonton wild game dinner held at RGE RD last week.
  • What is it like for those in the kitchen who have food allergies? Vue Weekly chats with two chefs who have adapted to the challenge.
  • I missed linking to Linda’s Seen and Heard podcast last week.
  • At Southgate over the weekend, we noticed the garbage disposal area featured a bin for unopened condiments, to be directed to the Edmonton Food Bank. It was empty at the time, but it seems like a good idea to divert additional waste.

Southgate Centre

Diverting waste at Southgate Centre

  • I was lucky enough to attend the Cocktails Perfected launch at the Hotel Macdonald last week with Liane. I found my new favourite, the Right Word, with lime, gin, lillet blanc and St. Germain. Delicious!

Hotel Macdonald

Right Word at the Confederation Lounge

  • I don’t indulge in buffets very often, so a volunteer appreciation dinner at Khazana on Wednesday was a treat. Paneer FTW!


My (first) plate at Khazana

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for December 14, 2015

  1. Just wanted to bring to your attention that the link to the Comal Mexican dinner isn’t working correctly (it’s linking to the Kitchen Christmas sale instead).

  2. Just a little correction, the Globe and Mail article isn’t about restaurant openings in 2015, it’s just the best restaurants in 2015. Which technically could mean an older restaurant could be listed. Just wanted to correct that as it’s led to some comments about these restaurants listed for Edmonton not being new in 2015, which is correct, these restaurants aren’t new in 2015, but the list isn’t about restaurant openings.

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