Food Notes for August 3, 2015

It’s been a whirlwind of a long weekend, but a good one. Hope you’ve been enjoying the sun, as we go into our last month of summer (too soon, I know!). On to this week’s food notes:

  • The 12th Summer Latin Fest takes place on August 9, 2015, from 10am-5pm at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish (11310 111 Ave), with 10 outdoor pavilions featuring food and entertainment.
  • Sabor Divino’s annual Seafood Festival runs from July 31 – August 30, 2015. Lillian highlights some of the dishes you can expect.
  • Northlands will be hosting an outdoor dinner at their Northlands Urban Farm in conjunction with Open Farm Days on August 23, 2015. Tickets are $80, excluding fees.
  • The Red Shoe Crawl is hosting its next event on 124 Street on September 13, 2015. They haven’t announced the participating businesses yet, but stay tuned!
  • Gail Hall has organized another local tour highlighting several Alberta farms, including Beary Berry Honey and Irvings Farm Fresh. The tour runs September 12-13, 2015.
  • Good news for coffee lovers Downtown: Da Capo will be opening a second location at 9888 Jasper Avenue, some time in December or January.
  • Great to know that there will be a solid pho option on the south side, with Pho Hoan Pasteur opening up another location in Mil Woods.
  • Liv is the latest food blogger to review 12 Acres.
  • CBC Radio collected some “hidden gems of Edmonton” from some local personalities, including Brittney who shared her favourite hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and Cindy who shared her secret coffee spots.
  • Linda recapped her experience at Knifewear’s Cut Like a Chef knife skills class.
  • Sugared & Spiced’s Cake Club is now live: limited to 50 members, the cake subscription lets you pick out 3 special dates in advance and will have a cake ready (and delivered to you, within the city) that day. Such a great idea.
  • One of the latest local food-related Kickstarter Projects has been launched by Frickin Delight Donuts, who are seeking support to move into a bigger space. They’re hoping for $55,000 that will go towards increasing their production
  • Cindy started a new blog series that will feature different vendors at farmers’ markets. First up: Serben’s Organic Farm.
  • Vue Weekly updates the progress of the MacKinnon Ravine, the city’s first food forest, as it celebrates its first birthday.
  • Why cry over spilt coffee if it can be turned into art like this?
  • Mack and I joined his family to take in the Heritage Festival earlier today. It was a bit surprising that the festival didn’t do more to celebrate its 40th anniversary (there were some placards showcasing some of its history and photos from earlier events), but in a way, it is fitting, seeing as it would rather allow the pavilions and cultures speak for themselves. We did our best to try as many of the new pavilions as possible.

Heritage Festival

Lebanon was a big disappointment – the chicken shawarma was expensive at 8 tickets, but was small and cold.

Heritage Festival

The samosa from Rwanda (6 tickets) were hot, and filled to the brim with beef, onions and peas.

Heritage Festival

The mula beled, mulukhia (3 tickets) from South Sudan wasn’t listed on their signage, but was worth asking for from the program, as it was the best deal. The spinach and beef stew served over fufu could have used a bit of salt, but that was our only critique.

Heritage Festival

Haiti could have better advertised their pork (8 tickets), which was essentially deep-fried pork belly. It was a healthy serving that was meant to be shared among many.

Hope you enjoyed your Heritage Festival visit, too!

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