Food Notes for March 30, 2015

I’m so ready for the Easter break; Mack’s been making fun of how much I’ve been sleeping lately, but I think it’s just fatigue. It’ll be nice to have a long weekend to catch up on sleep and other things! On to this week’s food notes:

  • Sorrentino’s annual Garlic Festival kicks off this week and runs April 1-30, 2015, featuring garlic-centric menus at all of their locations.
  • The owners behind Absolutely Edibles have revamped the space, which has now become The Dog, an upscale hot dog joint. Linda has an early review.
  • A smattering of reviews of The Burger’s Priest – this week from Robyn and Stephanie.
  • Jonny offers another opinion on Cerdo Tacos, the new Mexican restaurant in St. Albert.
  • Is two a trend? The Alder Room was the first to launch a crowdfunding campaign this year to help finance their new restaurant, and now a couple have done the same with the hopes of opening a French Canadian restaurant, Chartier, in Beaumont. They’ve already raised over $45,000 towards their goal of $95,000.
  • Vue Weekly’s annual Golden Fork Awards is now accepting nominations for your favourite eats.
  • Congrats to the crew behind the 2015 YEG Sexy calendar, which raised $19,500 for the Edmonton Food Bank! If you have what it takes to be a part of their 2016 calendar, applications are now open!
  • Tickets for the 2015 Eat Alberta will be released on March 31. Mack and I are looking forward to attending as participants this year – hope to see you there!
  • A few friends and I took in one of the drop-in classes on Wednesday evenings at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Centred around silk screening, the instructor first gave us an opportunity to explore the Pop Art exhibit for inspiration, then we all tried our hand at creating a stencil to screen. While my artistic talents definitely leave something to be desired, it was a lot of fun!

Art Gallery of Alberta

Can you guess which print I created?

  • Before the art class, we met up at the nearby King Noodle House in Chinatown. I’m not sure what it will take for me to deviate from the bun bo Hue.

King Noodle House

Bun bo Hue at King Noodle House

  • Kerry and I met up for a long-delayed dinner at RGE RD on Thursday night. We shared several small plates, with my favourite being the hay smoked sausage and chickpeas. The brassica mustard was the perfect accompaniment.


Hay smoked sausage and chickpeas at RGE RD

  • After a long week, it was nice to unwind with Mack at one of our favourites, Café Amore. Black Pearl, their new seafood venture on 104 Street, sounds like it might still be a month out.

Cafe Amore

Truffle chicken pasta at Café Amore

  • There was a ton of excitement with the lead-up and opening of Little Brick (10004 90 Street), Nate Box’s newest venture, on Friday. We didn’t plan very well, and arrived on Sunday afternoon past their operational hours, but Nate was still gracious enough to give us a quick tour of the space. No doubt, a lot of love has gone into restoring the Riverdale home, and it will be a beautiful venue for brunches, set dinners and musical evenings.

Little Brick

Inside Little Brick

Happy Easter!

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