Recap: Hawkers Market 3

The third Hawkers Market event took place on June 14, 2014 in Vacancy Hall, the cozy Mercer Warehouse basement suite. Mack and I were fortunate enough to receive free admission tickets.

Several of the vendors who were present at the Mercer Summer Super Party the week prior were back again, but it was nice to see some new vendors in the fray.

Hawkers Market

Vacancy Hall

Long Lost Foods (formerly Mirepoix Trio), explained that their new name was the result of another Canadian company already having registered under their former identity. Hopefully word spreads fast, and they won’t lose the momentum (and recognition) they’ve gained under their previous name.

Hawkers Market

Long Lost Foods

Long Lost Foods brought their A-game to Hawkers Market, with their vegan pizza bombs on offer. At 3 for $10, it was the best deal that night, and the perfect hand-held snack. For Mack, who lived off of Pizza Pockets in a past life, it was a way to indulge in an old favourite with less guilt.

Hawkers Market

Mack loved the pizza bombs

We also finally got to try Orbit, the first food truck to sell out at our last What the Truck?! event in Old Strathcona. Their orange ancho pork tacos ($5), with grilled pineapple relish and bacon was delicious, a nice balance between the succulent meat and the fresh garnish.

Hawkers Market


Hawkers Market

Orange ancho pork tacos

The boys from The Local Omnivore were serving up The Hulk ($8), a sandwich layering stewed spiced beef, “baconed” onions, swiss and salsa verde together.

Hawkers Market

Thumbs up for The Local Omnivore

Hawkers Market

The Hulk

It was great to see Honest Dumplings again. Their menu seems to change so often that it always seems that you will always find a new, yet-to-be-discovered dumpling flavour on your next visit. That said, the Peking duck might just be my new favourite.

Hawkers Market

Honest dumplings

This Hawkers Market event didn’t seem as packed as the previous two, but I’d chalk it up to busy summer schedules more than anything else. And though I understand the reason for the sit-down picnic tables (encouraging people to linger, drink in hand), I’d prefer more cocktail tables, as attendees seem more likely to mix and mingle in that type of set-up.

While the next indoor Hawkers Market date hasn’t been set yet, you will find them at the East Meets West Festival in Chinatown on July 12, from 11am-9pm. They’ve partnered with the Chinatown Business Revitalization Zone to organize the food truck and pop-up food booths. I’ll be there!

3 thoughts on “Recap: Hawkers Market 3

  1. Whoa, the food looks amazing! I haven’t been to an event yet but would love to go to the Chinatown one, I know it says it’s free to attend, but do I still need to sign up for tickets?

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