Food Notes for March 17, 2014

A tight deadline at work ate up most of my brain space (and free time) last week, but I am hoping to catch up on things this week! Mack and I are also looking forward to a mini-break in Calgary this weekend – it will be nice to get away for a few days. On to this week’s food notes:

  • The next Dining with Friends event on March 20, 2014 features hot pot.
  • Café Bicyclette will be hosting an outdoor “urban sugar terrace” for the next month, featuring mulled wine, maple roasted rabbit and sugar pie, and of course, maple taffy served up on a bed of snow. The special dinners run March 14 – April 12, 2014.
  • The next microfunding Meaet event on April 3, 2014 features a dining in the dark component.
  • The downtown location of Three Amigos (10247 Jasper Avenue) is now open!
  • Farrow (8422 109 Street), the new sandwich spot next to Three Boars, will open April 2, 2014. Cindy posted about the pop-up that took place at Three Boars over the weekend.
  • The big news last week was the announcement that Transcend will again be returning north of the river. They will be moving into an 800 square foot space in the Mercer Warehouse this summer.
  • Liv wrote about her recent visit to the new south side location of D’Amore’s Italian Mercato.
  • We missed attending the last Pecha Kucha in person, but did catch Omar Mouallem’s fascinating talk that made the case for donairs as Edmonton’s signature dish. It’s even spawned a rebuttal from a fan of the “other” signature dish – green onion cakes.
  • We always knew burgers were popular, but I’m sure not even Phil expected the response he’s received since starting the quest for Edmonton’s best burger. The Unknown Studio catches up with Baconhound in their most recent episode.
  • Speaking of podcasts, the newest Mack and Cheese episode is all about restaurants!
  • Su sent me a photo that David’s Tea is continuing their expansion in the city – this time on Whyte. Thoughts?

David's Tea

David’s Tea on Whyte

  • A friend and I had dinner at The Marc tonight, taking advantage of their $25 three-course Downtown Dining Week menu. It was an excellent value, and the salmon in particular was exquisite.

The Marc

Saumon a la Provencale from The Marc

7 thoughts on “Food Notes for March 17, 2014

  1. sharon-

    as always – great round-up of all things #yegfood

    i am LOVING phil’s ongoing burger feature and i cant wait to see which #yegburger reigns supreme! not sure how many he will get a chance to try before he gets sick of burgers (as if THAT could ever happen). my hope are that he goes till food truck season starts- there’s some heavy contenders in that crowd for best #yegburger, for sure.

    as for davids tea on whyte. it will be interesting for sure. if the cupboard at work is any indication, people buy this tea by the bagful! i’m sure they will do well at this location, but i hope people will still support the other shops, independently owned, in the area. i would hate to lose those businesses that i think give whyte ave its REAL character.

    have a great time in calgary!

  2. The Culinary Cook Off at Mount Royal School was also a massive hit with the parents teachers and participants in the food community raising over 16 000 for that school. Loved the event and the food was dynamite this year. The competition was very very still and the student judges a blast to work with!

  3. I agree – Phil should put together a “March madness”-like chart of burgers.

    Hopefully Cally’s still does well with this Whyte addition.

  4. Thanks Su! I usually read all the comments on Sharon’s posts, but I’ve been slacking lately! Thanks for the support. I’m still going strong, and I’m sure some food trucks will make their way into contention.

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