Welcome to the Neighbourhood: District Coffee Co.

In a way, it’s fitting that the newest independent coffee shop to open in downtown Edmonton is called District Coffee Co. For a time, it was looking like the area around 104 Street and Jasper Avenue, with the trifecta of Credo, Transcend and Roast, was growing into the city’s premiere coffee district. Unfortunately, it didn’t last, and in 2013, we lost the latter two downtown. Perhaps with the herald of District Coffee Co., we will one day return to having an number of third wave cafes within walking distance of one another again.

District Coffee Co. is the brainchild of Nate Box, the proprietor of Elm Café and its growing catering arm. But unlike Elm Café’s Oliver storefront, District will be focusing on quality coffee and baked goods.

District Coffee Co.


Mack and I attended a friends and family event this afternoon, organized in anticipation of the café’s Monday, March 3, 2014 opening. The space has received a full makeover, including the installation of a long counter and ovens for the pastry staff.

District Coffee Co.

Assortment of pastries and truffles

The space has a limited number of seats, but I’d imagine the majority of District’s business will be grab and go. They are the first café to serve and offer Phil & Sebastian Coffee in Edmonton (our go-to roaster and café in Calgary), and will offer a small food menu including oatmeal, rice pudding, soup, salad, and pot pie. I sampled one of their addictive cinnamon buns, and satisfied my sweet tooth with their house made salted caramels.

District Coffee Co.

Phil & Sebastian Coffee

We also couldn’t leave without trying their lattes – smooth, creamy and of course, finished with latte art, you won’t be disappointed.

District Coffee Co.

We heart coffee!

We loved the little details too – like the antique brass date counter (set next to the iPad, naturally), and their set of Alberta collector spoons in place of the usual demitasse spoons.

District Coffee Co.District Coffee Co.

It is clear District is a labour of love. They are a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. Congrats to Nate and his team!

District Coffee Co.
#101, 10011 109 Street
(780) 705-7788
Monday-Friday 7am-5pm

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the Neighbourhood: District Coffee Co.

  1. nice! i LOVE the spoons!
    i’m hoping they will do such fantastic business they will consider opening saturdays too! perfect location to grab and go for a sit down at the legislative grounds.

  2. looks exciting! 🙂 Can’t wait to make a visit next weekend. Love the location too as it would be great in the summers.

  3. I’m hoping the same – but I’m optimistic given Elm Cafe started out the same way, and now, it’s open every day!

  4. Hooray! I’m so glad that a new coffee place came in and took over the space left vacant by Corona Coffee Station (which was a nice little coffee bar, but the owner had trouble keeping it going when business fell). I’m definitely checkin’ this place out! (Thanks to Mack Male for highlighting this development). 🙂

  5. perfect! 🙂 can’t wait for warmer weather. Right now driving in these crazy white out conditions are too much. I definitely am craving for summer sun, a beautiful day,coffee and a treat in hand!

  6. Cannot wait to visit this place since it’s very close to our apartment. We’ve been waiting for. Good coffee place to open nearby. Looks awesome!

  7. Just ate the quinoa salad with added roasted turkey. Verdict: Delicious! Subtly sweet and satisfying. I am looking forward to trying their coffee and desserts!

  8. We read about this coffee shop in Vue Weekly and stopped by today but they were closed. As a Calgarian-living-in-Edmonton I am STOKED you’re brewing Phil & Sebastian! Can’t wait til I can pop by next week!!

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