Food Notes for August 13, 2012

Mack and I were really happy when we were approached to be a part of a University of Alberta alumni magazine New Trail article about bloggers. It’s a great group to be a part of, and it was neat to read about the “origin stories” of the other writers. On to this week’s food notes:

Golden Orchid

Golden Orchid

  • The media were in a bit of a frenzy last week when Eat St. was in town filming Molly’s Eats, Drift and The Act. Mack was on hand for Drift’s turn in the spotlight, while I filmed a short segment for The Act. It was great to see the support for the trucks, with people out in droves. Long live Edmonton food trucks!

Drift filming Eat Street!

Drift filming on Wednesday

The Act

The Act’s line on Thursday

The Act

Robyn talks about The Act’s salad


Chopped Leaf salad

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 13, 2012

  1. I have to say I somewhat agree with the Journal’s assessment of Mercer’s. I was excited about it opening, but was woefully disappointed when I had a chance to get there, as I was expecting a gastro pub ala 3 boars or Red Star. I did not know the chef was from Joey’s and I think this explain the menu – it is huge because it is a carbon copy of a Joeyesque bar menu plus the standard gastro pub elements thrown in (ie charcuterie and short ribs). I don’t see a possible way they can maintain quality given the size of their menu. Furthermore the portion sizes seemed to be all off, the focus seems to be on on large entrees instead of small bites to share; this again reminds me of chains such as Joey’s or Earls. As for the beer selections, it was uninspired and features a meager token “exotic” beer (erdinger) on tap and very poor selection of beers by the bottle; all with high prices. I have seen that the management is very active on Urbanspoon, so I guess we’ll see if they take any of the critiques to heart … although it always seems packed so while they’re making money I’m not too hopeful.

  2. Well – without you, as much as I have been hibernating this summer, I would know nothing!

  3. N – I haven’t been yet, so I still don’t have a firsthand experience to share! Thanks for the comment though – I do hope they find a way to refine the menu.

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