Introducing Truck Stop: Throwdown Edition

Mack and I were looking at ways to enhance our Truck Stop events (our smaller What the Truck?! series featuring 3-4 trucks). Typically, we request that participating trucks send us their menus in advance so we are able to vet them for duplication. We know food festivals thrive on variety, so if trucks do have similar items, we have asked them to swap those items out in the past.

But recently, we were thinking – why couldn’t we use this duplication to our advantage? Why not throw a bit of friendly competition into the mix? And with that, Truck Stop: Throwdown Edition was born.

Pulled pork is one of the most common food truck items, so we asked if three of those purveyors, The Act, Nomad and Smokehouse BBQ, would be a part of this Truck Stop experiment. We were thrilled when they agreed. Pork might be a common element between their creations, but their preparations and techniques vary. Truck Stop: Throwdown Edition will seek to answer the question: which truck is the king of pulled pork?

What: Truck Stop: Throwdown Edition
When: Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Where: Edmonton Public Schools Archives (10425 99 Avenue)
Time: 5-8pm

All three trucks will be serving up slider-sized portions of their pulled pork, so you’ll have enough room to consider all three if you so choose.

For your consideration:

Pecha Kucha Night Edmonton #13

The Act



Smokehouse BBQ

Smokehouse BBQ

To vote, we ask that you donate at least $2 to the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation in exchange for a ballot. Given the location of this event, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to partner with a charity with a great cause – learn more about how the Foundation supports early learning and full-day kindergarten here.

EPSB Archives & Museum

Dick Mather Park

Dick Mather Park, adjacent to the Edmonton Public Schools Archives, also happens to be one of my favourite parks (I love gazebos), so I think this will be another great opportunity for folks to have an urban picnic in the heart of the city. Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Truck Stop: Throwdown Edition

  1. Wish I was in town for this one. Another great collaboration between Bacon and Mackon (can I borrow from the papparazzi and give you a nickname, Sharon and Mack?)

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