The Cooking Chronicles: One Bowl Suppers

I know it’s a bad habit, but as the weather has gotten cooler, our supper hour has migrated away from the dining table and onto the couch. I’d like to blame it on the return of the fall television season and hockey, but it’s just so easy to wind down the evening with dinner and a show.

As such, I think one bowl suppers, like soups and stews, are always go-to “couch potato” accompaniments. We made a couple of new one bowl recipes last week.

Turkey and Cranberry Ravioli

I’d been wanting to make Giada’s turkey and cranberry ravioli for some time. In the recipe header, she describes it as a dish she would make for her husband and herself when they are “craving the flavours of Thanksgiving” but are not wanting to cook a whole turkey. We wanted to see if it lived up to that kind of holiday billing!

It was a straightforward recipe – I made cranberry sauce for the filling, combining it with Greens, Eggs and Ham ground turkey, Romano cheese, bread crumbs, parsley, eggs and salt and pepper. Then, while Mack put together the ravioli (using won ton wrappers), I made the very holiday-worthy gravy (between the butter and heavy cream, it’s definitely not for everyday consumption).

The ravioli only needed three minutes or so in the boiling water to cook, and drizzled with gravy and a bit of the leftover cranberry sauce, it really did taste like Thanksgiving in a bowl. The cranberry sauce in the ravioli filling was a bit lost in the mix, so the sweetness from the garnish really helped cut through the richness. We also would use fresh pasta sheets next time instead of won ton wrappers – they turned out to be a bit gummy from absorbing the cooking liquid.

Turkey and Cranberry Ravioli

Turkey and cranberry ravioli

As a whole though, I would make this dish again. At the very least, it’s an interesting take on a filled pasta!

Creamy Coconut Carrot Soup

Mack isn’t the biggest soup fan, but even he didn’t mind this one. For me, I liked that it was a recipe that used pantry staples in a different way – it’s always great to have those dishes on the backburner in the event the fridge is bare save for those basic items.

I had clipped a recipe for a creamy coconut carrot soup from See Magazine, which was printed to accompany an article on vegan diets. Packed with vegetables and fruit – carrots, sweet potato, onions, apples – it made up for the turkey ravioli the night before, but with the addition of red lentils and coconut milk, added a different dimension to it.

The balance of our soup ended up mostly being sweet potato, but that was fine – the earthiness and creaminess the pureed potato brought was very pleasant. The slight sweetness from the green apple was also appreciated.

Creamy Coconut and Carrot Soup

Creamy coconut carrot soup

Eaten with a bit of bread I picked up at the Queen of Tarts, it made for a nice supper, and a decent lunch the next day as well.

Do you have a favourite TV dinner, too?

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