Food Notes for October 24, 2011

I know I’ve been writing a lot about television lately, but it feels like the quality of shows right now is better than most seasons. I already mentioned my love-hate relationship with The Walking Dead (a show I enjoy, in spite of the fact that I usually run far, far away from the horror genre), but I’m also lately loving Revenge. Canadian(!) Emily VanCamp stars as the deliciously two-faced Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne, hell-bent on seeking retribution for the wrongs done to her father. Sure, it can be overly soapy, but is such a guilty pleasure. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Queen of Tarts is changing their name to “better reflect who they are now”. E-mail them with your suggestions – the winner wins a dinner for four (and the satisfaction of branding one of Edmonton’s best bakeries).
  • New restaurant alert: Cibo Bistro, a new Italian eatery, is set to open on October 29, 2011 in Oliver Square (11244 104 Avenue).
  • The second in the Journal’s coffee series appeared last week, highlighting Java Jive.
  • I missed attending the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival this year, but was happy to live vicariously through Maki, Jaquie and Foodie Suz.
  • Serious Eats had a breakdown of ten signs of a bad macaron.
  • I loved this infographic from My City Way charting the most (and least) expensive neighbourhoods in New York to dine in.
  • Interesting piece on the end of “last meal” requests at a Texas penitentiary.
  • Mack and I haven’t been eating much at home lately – not that we’re complaining! Friday night, we headed to Lux to help them celebrate their sixth anniversary. We were treated to truffled popcorn and delectable bone marrow sprinkled with some finishing hickory salt. And that was just the appetizer! For our entrees, Mack and I shared several appetizers. I really enjoyed the buttermilk calamari, crisp and light, while the winner for Mack was the lobster poutine. Billed as a side, it really could have been a main on its own. It was definitely a creative and well-made dish though, with bacon hollandaise and truffle sour cream in place of cheese, and fries that remained crispy throughout consumption. Happy birthday, Lux!


Bone marrow with arugula salad and crostinis


Kobe beef sliders and lobster poutine

  • You may have heard on the news or read online that Kevin Fox, long-time downtown resident, City Market employee and Rory’s loving father, has been reported missing. If you have any information about him, please call the police at 780-423-4567.


Kevin Fox (photo courtesy of the City Market)

2 thoughts on “Food Notes for October 24, 2011

  1. Queen of Tarts still has to have the word Queen in it. Queen Bakery Bee – Queen Bee Bakery
    Tart Queen on 104th
    Queen of Quackers
    Queen on Fourth
    Fourth Street Queen
    Baker’s Street Queen
    Screamin Keen Queen

  2. BTW – if you don’t mind giving the heads up for a Eurotour next year this time (idea posted on my Italy post) and people interested can let me know. When I get home I will be posting itinerary and costs – I will keep it as low as possible, of course!

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