Food Notes for July 26, 2011

All vacations are fun, but this one was particularly great because I got to hang out with Amanda, who moved to Toronto back in April. I’ll be writing about it at some point (I realize I said that about San Francisco…), but suffice to say, I kind of miss the humidity! The heat definitely beats the rain. Anyway, a belated and abbreviated food notes this week, while I catch up on things:

  • Via Connect2Edmonton, look for Noorish, a “conscious eatery and superfood elixir bar” to open at 8440 109 Street.
  • If we weren’t out of town, Mack and I would have been among those lining up at Alberta Avenue last Thursday to try Edmonton’s newest food truck, Nomad. They served up smoked pulled pork sandwich, with apple and fennel slaw and a curried, pickled carrot. Looking forward to what they serve up next!
  • Speaking of barbecue, Linda sent me some information about a new food option in Leduc, from La Pisana: “We are ready to go with the BBQ Trailer , starting July 12th we will be on location in Nisku serving BBQ out of our unit , we will be just off Sparrow Drive north of the Ritchie Brothers site, we will have the trailer there Tuesdays through Friday from 11:00 – 1:30 or till we run out of food , stop by to get your BBQ lunch on the fly, we will have a different menu every day, Tuesday will be Smoked Turkey Legs and Italian Sausage , Wed. we will have BBQ beef on a bun , Thursday our signature “Bacon Bomb” sandwich and pulled pork and Friday is undecided at this time , so come and see us for a great lunch for less
    than $10.00, hot and ready to go.”
  • Battista’s Calzones has created a number of new flavours, and will be featuring a different one every Saturday. The “Pesto Presto” was featured this past weekend – what will come next?
  • Liane wrote about some changes happening at Culina Highlands – the restaurant will no longer be a “Culina” outpost because of the confusion and only open Thursday-Monday, but will still serve the same Ukrainian fusion diners look for.
  • I can’t wait to read more about Blair Lebsack’s outdoor dinner held at Nature’s Green Acres on Saturday. I was sad to have missed it – when I toured the farm a few years ago, and saw the space they intended on hosting the meal, I knew it’d be a magical experience. I hope Blair does it again!
  • Twyla reviewed the new downtown Lebanese restaurant Chateau Beirut – looks like it will be a welcome addition to the neighbourhood!
  • Queen of Tarts is going on a short holiday! They will be closed August 1 – 8, 2011, and will reopen on August 9.
  • Liv filed a profile on Tres Carnales last week.
  • My parents bought us a charcoal barbecue for my birthday, and we were finally able to put it to good use today. Unfortunately, it’s a steeper learning curve than we thought, and it wasn’t exactly smooth sailing – we couldn’t get the charcoal hot enough, and had to finish the burgers on the stove. Better luck next time!


Burgers made with Nature’s Green Acres ground beef and a Queen of Tarts French roll

  • I thought I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do on holidays, but I guess I was wrong! Just one for now:


Amanda and I at the Blue Jays game

7 thoughts on “Food Notes for July 26, 2011

  1. Speaking of BBQ, have you heard what happened to Bubba’s? After several successful months serving from 86 St/Davies Rd, he seems to have disappeared. Summer off? Festival circuit? Shut down?

  2. @Neumanic According to a sign on his trailer before he disappeared the parking lot he was in was sold and the new owners wanted to use the parking lot for parking. Since then his trailer has gone and I can’t seen to find any mention on the net of where he went.

  3. The charcoal bbq takes some practice but it is worth it, I got one last year and this year I am experimenting with smoking and slow cooking meats with it. If you are interested here is what I follow and look at the post by woodburner and how he describes the setup of the fuse, it works great. I did some ribs with some apple wood chips for 3 hours and it turned out amazing and was super easy

  4. Trevor – thanks for the link! I know Mack’s been looking at some online resources, but we haven’t come across that thread before. We hope to reach slow roasting at some point!

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