Food Notes for July 18, 2011

I had the best of intentions to recap more of our San Francisco trip, but just ran out of time. Perhaps, after I return from Toronto? I won’t be blogging in the next week while I’m away, but please check out the revised list of Culinary Counterparts on the sidebar – I (finally) updated it. Have a good week!

  • You have just a few more days to get your Taste of Edmonton at a discounted rate – 10% off if you purchase them by July 20.
  • Connect 2 Edmonton is buzzing with the possibility of a second Cactus Club location in Oliver.
  • It was announced that the river valley has its first cafe, located in Louise McKinney Park! Mack and I often wondered if the building was meant for more than just washroom facilities, but glad to hear that thirsty visitors can now grab a drink. Hope to check it out soon!
  • This week’s issue of Vue Weekly is all about beer! Check out profiles on Alley Kat, Yellowhead and a history of beer in Canada.
  • More Tres Carnales talk in the blogosphere, this time from Courtenay and Sarah. I really had no idea there was such an underground love of tacos in Edmonton; the response has been quite amazing. And I still haven’t been to try them myself…
  • The Journal reviewed a Vietnamese restaurant Rice Paper last week. My parents went to try it after reading the article, and thought it was just okay.
  • In this age of Yelp, food blogs, Twitter and Chowhound, one has to wonder if books like Where to Eat in Canada are still relevant, or if anything, how much longer they will last.
  • In recent weeks, there have been a rash of crackdowns on food trucks in midtown Manhattan, so much so, that people are saying that if this trend continues, it may chase out the very pioneers who made food trucks popular in the first place. Zach Brooks had a great take on this.
  • I think we already knew this, but new research tells us that we are physically incapable of resisting fried chicken.
  • Chateau Beirut (102 Ave and 107 Street) is now open!

Chateau Beirut

Chateau Beirut

3 thoughts on “Food Notes for July 18, 2011

  1. hey, Sharon…

    I wasn’t too impressed by the Tres Carnales tacos.
    The tacos were kind of stale? They had a strange flour taste and not a very pleasant texture. The pork was also very dry and tasteless. My dining companions agreed the food was a bit of a let down. We did go at around 8pm one night and I hear they were running out of a lot of items. I thought what I tried at Nick’s Crispy Tacos in San Fran a few years ago was a lot better.

    I’ll probably try it again and go earlier in the evening but after that visit I’m really not sure what the hullaballoo is about. The hibiscus drink (agua de Jamaica) is really delicious though! Service is pretty fantastic!

  2. a – I haven’t tried the tacos from the shop, but I had the same reaction to the tortillas when I tried them at Al Fresco, but I know I need to try them again to see. I hope your second go-round is better!

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