Night and Day: Five Guys

Looking back, one of my most vivid food memories from our visit to Washington two years ago was a late night dinner at Five Guys. On the plane ride to DC, we had overhead pilots discussing what they would be eating after they landed – Five Guys was their food of choice.

That first night, we wandered over to Georgetown, a bit disoriented, but eager to explore the neighbourhood, and finally came upon Five Guys. It was dimly lit, and truth be told, a bit of a dive, with peanut shells littering the floor in a restaurant showing signs of wear and tear – but the welcome we received was second to none. If the staff didn’t enjoy their jobs, they did an excellent job of hiding it, with orders being taken and hollered out, reminiscent of Fatburger, doling out efficient yet friendly service. Signs proudly labelled the origin of the day’s potatoes (Idaho), while open boxes of peanuts were strewn throughout the dining area, a thumb against the movement of nut-free zones. While the burgers were good (not great), our meal was forever coloured by the reception we received – and the environment it was consumed in. So when we visited the first Five Guys location in the Edmonton area at the end of May, it’s no surprise that Mack and I would be drawing comparisons to our DC experience.

Unlike the Georgetown location, tucked in a thoroughly walkable neighbourhood resplendent with historic walk-ups and charming boutiques, the Sherwood Park Five Guys was almost the opposite, situated in a sea of box stores and strip malls along Fir Street.

Five GUys


The contrast didn’t end there. Where the DC Five Guys was comfortably worn around the edges, this Five Guys was understandably new and squeaky clean (I did appreciate the open kitchen though – there’s nothing more reassuring than having the option of seeing your food prepared in front of you). Sacks of potato bags and boxes of peanut oil were used as a divider of sorts at the order counter, adding a bit of fun to the otherwise standard quick-serve décor. I also liked the bulletin boards where customers were invited to draw a message about their love of Five Guys.

Five GUys

Open kitchen

Five GUys

Bulletin love

Five GUys

Mack doesn’t appreciate peanut oil

The boxes of peanuts that Five Guys is so known for was relegated to the tops of the trash bins. We made sure to have a nutty appetizer.

Five GUys

Bulk peanuts served in open containers

Five GUys

Mack + peanuts?

My parents appreciated the extensive toppings menu offered by Five Guys, all at no extra cost. It’s a value add that aligns Five Guys with places like Rodeo Burger and Fulton Market).

I don’t know what happened though, as neither Mack, my parents, or myself read the fine print on the menu, and all ended up ordering regular burgers. A regular at Five Guys includes not one, but two beef patties (note to self: order the “little” next time). Needless to say, there was no need for the two large fries we also ordered.

Five GUys

My burger

The burgers were pretty good – thin patties, soft bread, and packed with our chosen fixings, they were satisfying, if not overkill because of our blind ordering. As a whole, compared with Rodeo Burger and Fulton Market, I have to say I enjoyed the Five Guys burger more.

Five GUys

Mack’s burger

The fries, however, were far from crispy. Fried in peanut oil, Mack wasn’t certain he should be indulging in the fries, but the rest of us were a) too overwhelmed by our double burgers and b) not enjoying the limp fries. The Cajun seasoning may have helped with the flavour, but not with the texture (we couldn’t recall whether or not the fries in DC had been made using peanut oil).

Five GUys


This location of Five Guys is too far out of the way for us to visit on a regular basis, but if we were looking for a quick bite to eat, we’d consider coming back.

Five Guys
993 Fir Road, Sherwood Park
(780) 416-7710

10 thoughts on “Night and Day: Five Guys

  1. My husband and I have also enjoyed 5 Guys in the States, and have visited the location in Sherwood Park several times since it opened. While the atmosphere isn’t as buoyant, the burgers are still plenty good.
    We did notice the last time we went that the fries were definitely NOT up to par. They are usually hot and crispy, but we found limp and barely cooked as well. I hope this is not the start of a new (disappointing) trend.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    In your pursuit of food trucks, have you heard what happened to Bubba’s BBQ truck that used to be in the industrial area on the south side? My husband has driven by several times lately in search of bbq but it seems to be gone….

  3. TCH – true enough.

    fojoy – yeah, I have to hope that they correct the fries…what’s a burger without good fries?

    Mack – I beg to differ! The shot of you devouring the peanuts is my favourite.

    Lael – no problem. The funny thing is, I’m pretty sure we ordered correctly in DC too.

    Keri – we heard that Bubba’s had to relocate because someone had purchased the lot where they had been parking in. If I find out where he’s moved to, I’ll be sure to mention it!

  4. I would try it to see if it is better than my Rodeo burger, i like the concepts that i have seen on here, but my ways bring in the customers and they leave full and with a smile on there face. My rodeo burger has half of pound of beef, sauteed onion’s, sauteed mushrooms, our special sauce, with our specially hot seaoning, topped with A certain kind of swiss cheese, on a toasted bun. And you can get this at the Barn restaurant and pub in Akron, Iowa. excellent food for Extrodinary folks of all kinds. we have something for everybody, come and check us out.

  5. Finally had a chance to check out one of the places you have reviewed. Our fries were crispy enough, and the hot dog was grilled butterflied, which is nice for the phobic. Plenty of traffic on a Friday afternoon, but still a lot of open space for an energetic two year old to burn off extra energy, without being too troublesome to the other guests. The toddler also enjoyed the novelty of the peanuts.

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