Food Notes for November 1, 2010

Only AMC could get me to watch a television show featuring zombies. In spite of the fact that I am averse to all things horror and fear-inducing, last night, after a barrage of previews during the Mad Men finale, there I was, watching the premiere of their new series, The Walking Dead. And inevitably, I am now hooked. Anyone else see it? Onto this week’s food notes:

  • A reminder that the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Show takes place this weekend, November 5-6, 2010, at the Shaw Conference Centre.
  • Gordon Ramsay will be in Edmonton on November 13, at WEM’s Chapters (thanks Lisa for the Tweet!)
  • Christmas stock-up alert: Company’s Coming is having their next scratch & dent sale on November 13, 2010 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at 2311-96 Street, with an opportunity to meet Jean Pare!
  • There’s a new cheesemonger in town! Everything Cheese opened up in Riverbend on October 29, with their grand opening slated for November 6, 2010.
  • Thanks to A for a comment about a forthcoming Brazilian churrascaria restaurant called Pampa that she says be moving into the space formerly occupied by Mirabelle. Looking forward to the all-you-can-eat meat!
  • Looks like Edmonton will soon get its first Beard Papa in West Edmonton Mall (they serve cream puffs – we sampled a few in San Francisco).
  • Manna Noodle (3212 Parsons Road) seems to have changed hands (or at least their name?) – driving past I noticed the sign now reads Hanuri Korean Restaurant.
  • The Marc got a few hits from local bloggers this week: from Jean Poutine at May Contain Nuts; and from Marianne: “ Overall, we had a good experience; that said, Charles brought up this morning that with their limited and static menu (save the daily fish and desserts), there’s nothing drawing him back any time soon.”
  • Marianne also reviewed Pourhouse last week.
  • This was fun: City and Dale posted the results of a blind cupcake tasting – I’m glad to see that Whimsical and Flirt both did well!
  • I’m really looking forward to the opening of the Enjoy CentreLiane posted that Julianna Mimande has just found her chef, Shaun Hicks.
  • Congratulations to Andrew Fung of Blackhawk Golf Course for taking the top prize at last week’s 2010 Gold Medal Plates (you can see the Journal’s photos here). Interestingly enough, three of the last four champions have won with Asian fusion dishes.
  • Congratulations also to the team behind the Green & Gold Garden, who raised $21,587.00 for the Tubahumurize Association to help women in Rwanda. They will be planning on operating a garden next year.
  • GMO-salmon have been in the news lately – CBC has a great interview with John Buchanan, director of research and development for AquaBounty.
  • A belated send-off – Mack and I had lunch at Madison’s Grill a few weeks back to wish Chef Blair Lebsack well on his European travels, and more importantly, to get him on Twitter. He was nice enough to treat us to their Sylvan Star grilled cheese sandwiches as promised (the spicy tomato ketchup could be eaten with everything), and though we are sad to see him go – he will be back next year, hoping to have his own restaurant open in fall 2011. Safe travels, Blair!

Madison's Grill

Sylvan Star gouda and gruyere grilled cheese sandwich

  • With the demand for gluten-free options, it was no surprise to see a sign advertising a forthcoming GF bakery on 109 Street and 105 Avenue called Auntie B’s.

Auntie B Gluten Free Bakery

Auntie B’s

  • After a media dinner at ZINC tonight (you’ll be seeing many write-ups of it around the blogosphere in the next few days), Mack and I stopped by City Hall to check out the revised version of the Capital City Downtown Plan. Of note: the plan makes mention of providing assistance to growing food downtown, as well as a multi-purpose arts/city market space. The plan goes to City Council on December 6, 2010.

Capital City Downtown Plan

Capital City Downtown Plan display

19 thoughts on “Food Notes for November 1, 2010

  1. Beard Papa’s is coming to Edmonton!?! I’m so excited! I first tried those puffs in L.A., then discovered it in Vancouver two years ago. They are so addictive…

  2. The Auntie B’s sign has been up for over a year now. According to their Facebook page there were some personal health issues that delayed the opening… too bad 😦

  3. 1. Beard Papa!!! They were so f*kin popular in Japan. Everyone was in a frenzy. I think I only had it once, but it was pretty yummy. Can’t believe it’s coming to Edmonton…

    2. After hearing copious comments and little summaries from Danny while he was engrossed in reading the series, we were excited to see the premiere of The Walking Dead. Although I didn’t read the series, I’m mucho impressed with the show. Freaked me out a few times (Hello, rasping lady with bones for legs???), but I’m willing to go on watching it!

  4. Donut shop and cupcake shop owners get your sales up now. Once Beard Papa opens up at WEM, it’s all over for you!

  5. Just discovered your fantastic blog through Val’s Edmontonian links at A Canadian Foodie! I’m so excited to learn that Gordon Ramsay will be here, and I ain’t gonna lie, I idolize Jean Parre! I was wondering when the next scratch & dent sale was going to be!!! This blog is going to be such a great resource for me as we’re rather new to the city!

  6. Until Auntie B’s Totally Gluten Free Bakery will open, your Celiac readers have plenty of choices in Edmonton.
    Ed’s, Kinnickinnick, Cafe Roma in St. Albert, Ben’s Meats, etc, etc.

  7. Foodie McPoon – they are pretty good. Based on the ones we tried in SF, vanilla is better than chocolate :).

    Kristy – thanks for the note. I had no idea the sign had been up for so long! Guess I haven’t been down that part of 109 in quite some time…

    Ellen – I wonder how much the cream puffs will cost? They were $2.50 or thereabouts in SF, and though I recognize it’s just about the price of a cupcake somehow, it’s not the same, heh. And – we should chat about the show some time! I haven’t found many people I know who watch it :).

    Kristin – at the last Scratch & Dent sale I went to, Jean was signing cookbooks. Great opportunity to get a few autographed copies!

    TCH – indeed, there are other GF choices in the city, and I’m sure the selection will only get larger.

  8. Hi Sharon, I am a frequent reader of your blog…just thought I’d let you know that I spotted an IHOP sign on Calgary Trail near the renovated South Park Complex…there’s also a new chicken wings place called Wild Wings (I think) right next to the new location of Twisted Yogurt!

  9. Not sure if you heard, but the Lingnan food truck is up and running. Sometimes he tells the location on Twitter (@MilesQuon)

  10. Anonymous – thanks for the note! I’ve been seeing some excitement about the IHOP on Twitter (I have to say though, when I tried it for the first time in Vancouver…I couldn’t understand what all the hype was about).

    Eva – I had no idea it was up and running! I checked Miles’ feed though, and it doesn’t look like they have a regular spot yet. Do you know if they serve the hot and dry chicken?

  11. From what I heard they tend to park outside The Bank weekend evenings. Not sure what’s on the menu though, not sure if it’s strictly Lingnan food or if Amy’s chicken is included on it.

  12. Thanks for the IHOP news. Its actually opening in the Old White Spot in Southpark Mall. Address: 3921 Calgary Trail South. The grand opening will be December 15. They are also hiring people right now, there is an ad on Kiiji.

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