Fringe Theatre Adventures: “Any Night”

Mack and I headed to the TransAlta Arts Barns on Saturday evening to take in Any Night, a production from Daniel Arnold and Medina Hahn, the same pair that were behind the memorable Tuesdays & Sundays, a tragic romance that played to sold-out audiences at the Edmonton Fringe ten years ago. From the website:

“A young woman suffering from night terrors and sleepwalking is drawn into a tender romance with the young man living above her. But how does he know her so well?”

There was a sizable crowd on hand – some of it was undoubtedly due to the show’s buzz (and stellar timing – its billing as a psychological thriller perfect for those seeking a Halloween fright), but many others had taken advantage of a fantastic Groupon deal offered earlier in the month – a discount of over 50% for a pair of tickets, and a choice of several dates to boot. The clerk shared that they sold nearly 400 tickets via Groupon – and it sounds like other theatre companies will be utilizing this vehicle to encourage the public to take a chance on their productions as well.

Both Hahn (as Anna) and Arnold (as Patrick) were fantastic – Arnold especially so, balancing between his roles as the charming caretaker and haunting neighbour. Patrick’s deception was a reminder about the fine line between manipulation and perceived connection when it comes to trust and love. My only disappointment was their climactic confrontation – although intense and emotionally fraught, I didn’t believe that Anna would actually follow-through on her threat (Mack, however, disagrees with me on this).

While it is fantastic that the show played to such a large audience, I couldn’t help but think Any Night was meant to be performed in a more intimate venue, where Anna’s feelings of panic and paranoia would become even more heightened in a smaller space (The Bone House, though a very different type of production, worked so well for that reason). Still – I did like the set (curtains that appeared sheer, yet could harbour shadows) and the lighting (the green used to suggest Patrick’s screens managed to evoke a sickening revulsion).

Any Night was an entertaining way to get our Halloween chills, and a great opportunity to watch a couple actors I haven’t seen in many years.

Check out the rest of Fringe Theatre Adventure’s upcoming season here.

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