The Best is Yet to Come: Jane & Yi-Li Get Married!

It’s safe to say that Jane & Yi-Li are the “old married couple” of our group, having been together for ten years. Hosting gatherings since our high school days (with many an epic game night), they are the tireless social connectors that ensure our group doesn’t lose touch.

Jane & Yi-Li were engaged last January, and two weeks ago, (finally) tied the knot! Although the ceremony was traditional in many ways, it was neat to see their personality shine through in many aspects.

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

The wedding party

For example, they exited the church as man and wife to the theme from Indiana Jones (complete with a hat for Yi-Li), and in addition to roasted pork for the light reception following the ceremony, hired Fat Franks to feed hungry guests!

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Careful, now!

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

With the happy couple (Jane was stunning!)

Jane & Yi-Li opted to host their reception at Chateau Louis (they love perogies), and their entire wedding party entered the ballroom to the theme from Harry Potter, glasses and all.

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Harry’s here in spirit

They also prepared fun paper placemats and crayons at each of the tables to keep guests entertained.

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Lost, anyone?

Unlike receptions at Chinese restaurants however, the buffet meant there wasn’t a lengthy wait time between courses – another bonus in addition to all-you-can-eat perogies! The prime rib and chicken kiev were other fantastic dishes.

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

My plate

And being fans of the gelato from Chocolate Exquisite,  it was only fitting that “gelato cakes” were served (pistachio and orange-passionfruit were the flavours).

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Cutting the cake

Mack and Carmen did a great job as the MCs, keeping the program rolling throughout the evening. I’m not sure how Carmen did it, but she was, as Jane said, a “wedding superhero” that day.

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Carmen and Mack

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Yi-Li tosses the garter

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Dickson “caught” the garter

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Jane throws the bouquet!

Andrew and Jessica had originally planned an elaborate entrance to the Glee version of “Don’t Stop Believing”, but it was axed. Thankfully, they weren’t shy about performing a version later on in the evening.

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Mr. Shue is listening somewhere

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

May, Jen and me

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

Mack and Megan

Mack and I were so happy to have been a part of their special day. Congratulations, Jane & Yi-Li – the best is yet to come for you both!

Jane & Yi-Li Wedding

5 thoughts on “The Best is Yet to Come: Jane & Yi-Li Get Married!

  1. Such a small world 🙂 He worked briefly where I work, and I work with his brother.
    And I read your blog religiously, so these pictures made me smile in huge way.

    Congrats to the happy couple.


  2. Love the personal touches – especially Fat Franks and the Chocolate Exquisite gelato cakes!

    Congrats to your friends! 🙂

  3. Maggie – glad you enjoyed the pictures :).

    Dajana – yeah, their personal and very thoughtful touches for the guests were wonderful! I didn’t even mention the fun photo booth (with props!) set up in the other room.

  4. Thanks for the awesome writeup Sharon! It was a pleasant surprise when I hopped over to your blog on the weekend. Big thanks to you and Mack for all the help that weekend too, we really couldn’t have done it without the help of all our friends. 🙂

    P.S. I still think about how awesome that Fat Franks tasted right after the ceremony….mmmm….I don’t think I’ll ever have one that tastes quite that good again.

  5. Jane – you’re so welcome! I’m sure the hot dog was delish, but I’m still amazed you managed to keep it off your dress :).

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