Food Notes for September 27, 2010

Our fridge has up and died (it’s really done this time), which means that although we will be doing some unforeseen spending, also means we will be able to choose a fridge that we like! It’s funny how something so basic like a fridge not working can cause so much stress. Anyway, on to this week’s notes:

Viet Huong

Viet Huong coming soon

  • Basil Leaf will have a neighbour soon – a restaurant called Emperor’s Palace.

Emperor's Palace

Emperor’s Palace

  • Twisted Yogurt Creations opened their second location last week in South Park (650, 3803 Calgary Trail, 780-440-4955). I’m still waiting for a branch more public transit accessible, but I love the self-serve concept. We stopped by and tried out their dreamsicle and purple cow flavours this time around.

Mack loading up

  • My family is so lucky to have a Mum who is such a good cook. She demonstrated her skills at the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner last week – everything was as delicious as it looked. Thanks, Mum!

Mid-Autumn Spread

Time to feast!

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for September 27, 2010

  1. Love the updates – wish I got to them in a timely fashion! Wish you had the plug in that was a SUBSCRIBE BY MAIL plugin for your posts so I could get your new posts in my mail box… I never get to my readers or feeds in a timely fashion. This is a very good idea – I have one and feedburner is another option (:) ) Also, I see renduring fat didn’t make your hit list. (double grin) Darn!
    I am still working to figure out how to make the write up about Sunday short sweet and informative. I am tired of the mega posts I write (though they are very good keepsakes for me!)….

  2. Debra – my Mum could definitely cook for a living :).

    Leslie – it’s worth checking out! Nice alternative to ice cream, and I love the self-serve nature of it.

    Eva – thanks for the information. I haven’t heard anything about it yet, so it’s good to know!

    Valerie – Mack suggested an e-mail option a while back…I’ll have to ask him to help me install it. I do enjoy your mega posts (like your cheese tasting one), but I know how time consuming they must be. Looking forward to your post on the dairy trip!

  3. We went to San Francisco last Christmas and at one mall there, they had this kind of self-serve yogurt. I have been craving them since. Thanks for letting us know that there’s one closer to home!

    PS. The food your mum cooked looks so good!!!!

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