Edmonton Corn Maze 2010

A few weeks ago, I took advantage of a Groupon offer for the Edmonton Corn Maze. At $8 for two admissions, it was a pretty good deal (though the regular price of $9/person has never been a deterrent for us).

We put the coupon to good use on Saturday, on the warmest night in recent memory. It seemed many other people were wanting to enjoy the weather as well, as neither of us had ever seen the corn maze as busy as it was yesterday. In addition to families with young children, there were many groups of teenagers – it appeared that most were taking advantage of the picnic facilities and fire pits to make the trip out to Spruce Grove a full night’s activity.

Edmonton Corn Maze


There have been some neat additions to the maze this year. While we didn’t stick around to watch the Corn Express in action, it looked like a fun ride for children (and adults) alike.

Edmonton Corn Maze

I couldn’t resist a photo

Also, the Corn Maze has developed SCVNGR, an app that is downloaded to be played on iPhone and Android phones. There is a text version for other mobile phones, but we chose to use the traditional ten question paper method to get through the maze.

Edmonton Corn Maze

SCVNGR instructions

While the stalks weren’t as green and hearty as they were during our visit last year, most of the corn still stood over six feet.

Edmonton Corn Maze

Mack in the maze

The design this year is a tribute to Fill-Up, the mascot for the Edmonton Food Bank. And though I seem to say this every year, we found the maze more difficult than the past few years. We somehow ended up skipping question marker 8, and after a few misguided choices, we were sure we had circled the same corner of the maze several times.

Edmonton Corn Maze

Through the corn

As we neared what we thought was the end, we were joined by a few other families who were similarly lost. We eventually found the exit, without the help of a corn cop. The elapsed time? About an hour, which was actually par for the course.

Edmonton Corn Maze


Thanks to the corn maze for a fun evening – we’ll be back next year!

The Edmonton Corn Maze is open until October 17, 2010. In late October, it reopens as the Farm of Fear (not intended for young children).

8 thoughts on “Edmonton Corn Maze 2010

  1. Thanks for the nice write-up. We are happy that you had an other good visit to our corn maze. It was great to finally have nice weather on a weekend and people seemed to be enjoying getting outside and ready for fall. Saturday was the busiest day in the past 10 years. See you next year.

    Edmonton Corn Maze

  2. The first time I went to the corn maze was a very dry year and the corn was very short – not above our heads, so it was very easy to find our way around. The second time, the corn was over our heads and it was much harder of course. I’d like to do the maze at night with flashlights. That would be creepy fun.

  3. We also went to the corn maze this weekend, on Friday night. I highly recommend a trip through at dust/night. It adds an extra fun element to the whole experience. Bring a flash light!

  4. Just downloaded it on my iPhone and enjoy it! It looks like SCVNGR is SO much better than Foursquare simply because of the game dynamics that they’ve that are part of it. Now they simply need to build their user base because not a single person I know is using it. 😦 I’m guessing that Foursquare will simply add on some of the features that SCVNGR has so that they can compete.

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