Food Notes for September 6, 2010

Mack and I are in San Francisco! I won’t be blogging while we’re away, though he might be. Here are a few notes for the week:

  • The place to be in 104 Street (but then again, I’m biased): Queen of Tarts is moving into the basement of the Armstrong Building, and will be serving her pastries, coffee and sandwiches.
  • What happens when foodies get together: read all about the dinner and tour Valerie (aka A Canadian Foodie) had at Kevin Kossowan’s house.
  • Speaking of Kevin – he has released the first two videos in his series profiling local farmers. Check them out!
  • Great read from Avenue Calgary about the past (and future) of their farmers’ markets.
  • The NYT published an article recently about cafes in NY moving back to the set up of coffee shops of yore – bar stools meant not for those needing a mobile office.
  • We did head down to the City Market on Saturday, but obviously didn’t do any shopping. We weren’t going to miss out on seeing the petting zoo though, courtesy of Chicken John’s. I so wanted to take home a baby goat, and the teeny bunnies would have fit in my purse without anyone noticing. Too cute!

City Market

Animal attraction

City Market

 Sitting pretty

City Market


  • We also noticed Karen’s Cake in a Cup. She had some really interesting flavours, like root beer float. Unfortunately, she doesn’t sell individual cakes, and we weren’t about to consume a half dozen cupcakes in a day (6/$12). Maybe next time!

City Market

 Karen’s Cake in a Cup

Have a good two weeks!

10 thoughts on “Food Notes for September 6, 2010

  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog! Saturday was our first day at the market and was not aware we could sell individuals = ) We will be back Sept 25 and we will for sure sell singles. Have fun in San Francisco!

  2. We saw the Cake in a Cup, too, but since I couldn’t convince the ‘better’ half to eat 3 cupcakes in two days, we’ll have to wait for the 25th and try some singles, too!

  3. We actually managed to make it to the Market before it opened on Saturday!

    Although apparently not fast enough to buy more than one duck. Those things go fast! We got one from Green Eggs and Ham and then went back 1/2 an hour later to get a second for my mom and they were all gone! =( Sad. We ate some of it last night, they’re really good! My mom wound up getting a duck from T&T and the one from Green Eggs was much moister and flavourful!

  4. I was there Saturday the 4th but didn’t notice the stand! The other party I was with was rushing through the market :-S I’ll have to come on the 25th (the day before my birthday) to try a single! Nice!

  5. I was there Saturday and missed the cupcake stand, too. I was touring two newbee’s around. Shame on me. Sept 25th is on the calendar. Following you on twitter. Bring home a glass cork and frame it. Don’t rush. Linger… enjoy… ponder… wonder… then drink and eat a LOT

  6. It wasn’t me that was rushing. I was also touring my boyfriend’s friend and wife, who drove in from Regina. Next time I’m going, I’m going to take my time and look at everything I want to! 🙂

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