Last Patio Days of Summer: TZiN

I’ve been looking for an excuse to return to TZiN – the chic little wine bar on 104 Street – for some time. Though Mack and I are really lucky to live in an area where we have plenty of restaurant choices, I find that if we’re in our neighbourhood, we will inevitably dine in.

That said, meeting up with Annie this week was just the reason I needed to revisit TZiN. Though I love the swank interior, especially cozy as the weather cools off, we decided to make the most of the last days of summer and sat out on the patio (I have to comment that their furniture was particularly comfortable – notable when a lot of patio furniture is too hard, awkward, or not meant for dawdling).

Kelsey, always pleasant and knowledgeable, took good care of us wine-wise. I was happy with my easy to drink Gewurztraminer, and Annie (who has been working her way through Spanish reds), enjoyed her generous glass of Gine Gine.


Wine on the patio!

Several items on the menu were tempting (making me think I’d like to be back again before the menu changes again), but I ended up ordering the sirloin and rosemary crostinis ($18.50) and Annie the creamy chili prawns ($17)

Though the items were listed on a “tasting menu”, I’d have to say the dishes didn’t quite fit that billing – they were too large to be considered just a “taste”, and yet, were missing a component to be deemed a full entrée – a side salad to accompany my crostini would have made it a full meal, while some pasta or rice underneath Annie’s shrimp would have lovingly soaked up the creamy, rich sauce. Annie was also hoping for an vegetable side to complement our eats.


Creamy chili prawns

That said, we did enjoy the food. Annie’s prawns were well cooked, and my crostini were topped with a tasty combination of sautéed mushrooms and onions, cheese, marinated sirloin and a delicious spread.


Sirloin and rosemary crostini

When we paid our bill, Kelsey fanned out thin strips of paper, and beckoned us to take one. It turned out they were little fortunes for us to take away. Mine read: “Listen closely as those around you speak; great truths are revealed in jest.” -Javan

At some point, it probably would have been wise for me to have warmed up inside (Annie had to lend me her jacket), but I was stubbornly grasping at the faint wisps of the season. No matter – with a dwindling number of patio days remaining in the calendar year, it was worth the slight chill to be outside.

10115 104 Street
(780) 428-8946
Tuesday-Thursday 3:59-11:03pm, Friday-Saturday 4:01pm-12:06am

3 thoughts on “Last Patio Days of Summer: TZiN

  1. I was just here with some friends on Friday night. Such a cute little place with a fantastic wine selection! The mushroom crostini (some of my friends had the same sirloin crostini that you had, and loved it) is a great veg*n alternative!

  2. I am a big fan of Tzin. Go there for the atmosphere and the delicious wine. I find the food a little on the expensive side, mostly because as you noted, its not quite enough to be a full meal… but its always yummy.

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