Food Notes for August 30, 2010

In a week, Mack and I will be in San Francisco! I’ve been counting down the days for quite some time – with the move and a busy summer season in Edmonton, I’m more ready than ever to get away. On to this week’s food notes:

  • The City Market is “exploring extending operations to include an indoor market operated through the winter”, and needs input from patrons on whether or not they would support such an initiative. Take the survey here.
  • Latitude 53’s annual performance art festival, VISUALEYEZ takes place September 15-21, 2010 with a theme of food this year.
  • Early bird tickets to the Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival are on sale until September 15.
  • Local actress Sheri Somerville is opening up a new wine bar across from the Roxy Theatre called Somerville Wine Cheese (10723 124th St), with a menu designed by Brad Smoliak. Look for it in December.
  • A new restaurant called Pacific Buffet Co. is opening up on the southside (5420 Calgary Trail)on September 15.
  • Oodle Noodle eyes expansion here in Edmonton, and will also be offering a line of packaged products at grocery stores, after opening up a new manufacturing plant.
  • Want to do your grocery shopping at 3am? Sobeys now makes it possible, at six local stores.
  • While I never thought I’d ever drink instant coffee, we do have VIA on hand for emergencies. Looks like Starbucks is continuing with the brand, and will start offering flavoured brews this fall.
  • Not surprising, but still has shock value: a NY photographer has been taking a photo of a McDonald’s happy meal each day for 137 straight days. Besides some patty shrinkage, it looks identical to the photo taken on day one.
  • A cookbook made up of recipes all 140 characters or less? Say it ain’t so.
  • I am admittedly not as familiar with Anthony Bourdain as I probably should be, but found this interview to be interesting, particularly his comments on “foodies”.
  • Mack and I stumbled across a two-week old market while on the southside on Saturday. Tucked away in the Alberta Research Park is the South Common Market. At the moment, there are only about 10 vendors, including Warburg Farms, Pine Haven Farm, a BC fruit vendor, and kettle corn, but they are open both Saturday and Sundays, 9am-3pm. It sounds like they plan on operating until late October though – another great option for those living nearby!

South Common Market

South Common Market

  • Ellen and I went to the Chinatown Pagolac for lunch last week. I was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed this time as I was on my last visit, but no dice. This time, while the broth was hot, the noodles were overcooked to the point of mush. I should stick with the southside location.


Beef noodle soup with medium beef and brisket

  • We had some really ripe peaches from Steve & Dan’s, and craving a warm dessert, I caramelized them and served the slices with Inspired Market Gardens/Pinocchio raspberry tarragon sorbet. Simple and delicious.

Caramalized Peaches with Sorbet

Caramelized peaches with sorbet

15 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 30, 2010

  1. Wow San Fran is Awesome! I love it there!

    If you can get a reservation (and don’t mind spending the money), Garry Danko is worth it! It’s in the Fisherman’s Wharf area.

    XOX Truffles in North Beach has fantastic chocolate truffles in all varieties and a great hot chocolate you can buy to make at home. (Chocolate pucks you melt in milk).

    Skip the Ghiridelli chocolates, they’re gross and not worth it, but their hot fudge sundae is!

    The Local Tastes of the City Tour if you have time is also great! They do 2 tours, China Town or North Beach/Little Italy. They’re very affordable and from experience, the North Beach/Little Italy tour is a bit better. They’ll stuff you full of food and send you off with left overs!

    Don’t forget to try Peet’s Coffee (the origin of Starbucks).

    You’ll have tons of fun! As well as lots of different and fantastic food to eat!

  2. I just went this summer too – you HAVE to do the chocolate tour with gourmet walks! Oh and Chez Panisse was well worth the trek on transit and an amazing meal.

  3. SF is my most favourite-ist place ever – specifically the Ferry Building. They have everything that a food lover could want, plus an amazing farmer’s market on Saturdays.
    Enjoy – I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  4. Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” on the travel channel is the best food show on tv, bar none. In fact, I would say it is the best non-fiction show on tv period.

    Second best food show is “Bizarre Foods”, also on the travel channel.

  5. Please tell me you and Mack are going to rent a car and drive up to Yountville. WORTH IT. It’s only like an hour or so away, and the weather is MUCH warmer. I mean, Bouchon Bakery and Bistro Jeanty really is worth the trip up.

  6. hi Sharon!

    Kara’s Cupcakes in SF! And there’s a bakery in the Ferry Building… Miette, I think it’s called.


  7. Oooh Sharon! We too are heading to SF on Thursday! 🙂 I’m definitely checking out Chris Cosentino’s place at the Ferry Building!!

  8. Debra – thanks!

    Tanis – have a great time in NY!

    Eva – thanks for the recommendations! Besides two reservations, I haven’t done any other planning – good to know where to look.

    Keri – one of our reservations is at Chez Panisse.

    Fojoy – thanks! We made sure to book a hotel within walking distance of the Ferry Building :).

    L Dot – I’ll have to look into it!

    Buddha Pest – will admit I’ve only seen clips of the show; haven’t watched a full episode. Should do that soon.

    Lea – we were hoping to stick with public transit (besides perhaps a bus tour to wine country). But good to know!

    A – thanks for the suggestions!

    Michelle – that was on my list too :). Have a good trip!

  9. Speaking of the Ferry Building, check out I think it’s called Cowgirl cheese. They have a “picnic” kit you can buy so you can just go find a spot to hunker down (buy some bread somewhere in there too) and try out a few different cheeses.

  10. Talk to me about San Fran before you go – Lauren (daughter #2) lives in Palo Alto and we were there last year for 10 days…
    Great info – as always!!!
    Have you seen the Blog-u-mentaries that Kevin K has done about two local farmers so far? Great information there, too.
    I am excited that you are getting away – and to such a foodie city. And, it is definitely a foodie city. During harvest time, none-the-less. Heaven.
    I would say that Alice Waters Chez Panisse in Berkeley (take the tram train thing) would interest you. It was very special for us… and you must go early early to the Ferry Building Market on a Saturday Morning as already suggested – and yes, cow girl cheese – and there are many other artisan cheeses there. You will see greens you have never heard of. The oyster bar inside the building itself will have a line up if you are not already in it by 11 when it opens – if that interests you… and on and on and on. We’ll talk.

  11. There’s a farmer’s market in UN Plaza downtown. Not sure dates and times but it always seemed to have something there when we passed by.

    Mama’s in Washington Square is a bit overrated for breakfast considering the line up you have to endure to eat.

    Grab some Boudin bread from their location on the Wharf if you’re staying near the Ferry Terminal building. Try to get it first thing in the morning when it’s fresh (they have a Peet’s right there too). Although sourdough is traditional, the asiago cheese bread is great! The bonus is it’s a bunch of mini rolls stuck together into a round loaf, so it’s perfect for making mini sandwiches with if you grab cheese and meet from the Ferry Building.

  12. Bourdain is entertaining, whether or not you agree with what he says. 🙂

    RE: the use of “foodie” – there was an argument about that on Chowhound a while back and I finally had to just stay away because one side sounded like a bunch of whiners and the other side sounded elitist. People take themselves way too seriously!

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