City Market Report: Week 16

It was one of the coldest Saturdays in recent memory, chilly and gusty, particularly depressing given the fact that it is still August. But I was still looking forward to the City Market, given the penultimate cultural festival would be taking place today.

City Market

Roving accordion player!

City Market

Pinocchio gelato stand (the weather was really unfortunate)

Edmonton Opera was on hand at the market also to promote their upcoming season. And boy, did they ever – three “flash mobs” were organized throughout the day, with opera singers disguised as market shoppers spontaneously breaking into song, and additional singers joining in as the aria continued.

City Market

The aria begins (in the beginning, I had no idea where the sound was coming from – but I followed the line of sight to the singer’s tall white hat)

City Market

In full song

City Market

A crowd gathers

If you missed it, not to worry – staff were on hand to capture the performances, which should be uploaded to YouTube soon.

Amidst the excitement, we did our shopping. Mack and I had invited Grandma Male for breakfast this morning, and were eager to show her around the market, which she hasn’t visited in some time.

City Market

At Kuhlmann’s with Grandma Male

City Market

Gladiolas from Kuhlmann’s

She picked up some basil from Sundog Organics, remarking at how fresh and pungent it smelled, while I bought some eggplant.

City Market

Parsnips from Sundog Organics

City Market

Heirloom and heritage tomatoes from Sundog Organics

Many shoppers were in a frenzy over the fresh corn available – ourselves included.

City Market

Corn from Riverbend Gardens

City Market

Massive flat cabbage from Riverbend Gardens (we were told they are great for making cabbage rolls)

Next week, the Market gears up for the back-to-school rush, with many family-friendly activities planned, including a petting zoo.

6 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 16

  1. A petting Zoo?! (I was at the St Albert Farmer’s Market yesterday. Now I’m sad that I missed the flash-mob singing – And I can’t even find it on YouTube! )

  2. Happy Monday Sharon! I was witness to one of the Edmonton Opera’s flash mobs on Saturday and absolutely loved the experience! It put the dorkiest smile on my face. Truth be told, I’m still smiling (and talking) about it today.

  3. Maria – thanks for sharing the link!

    Dajana – I had the same dorky smile on my face; it was awesome to watch!

    Leslie – it was definitely a sight to see/hear!

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