City Market Report: Week 14

The unthinkable happened – we were up and at ‘em at the City Market this morning even before it opened. We had a good reason though – Patty Milligan (aka Lola Canola) had lent us two of her market tents to use at the Wild Boar and Beer BBQ last Sunday, and we had arranged to return them to her bright and early this morning.

St. Albert Greenhouses

Vendors still in prep mode


Kuhlmann’s before the rush

After we dropped off the tent, we returned to our condo to have breakfast and (more importantly) coffee, before heading back down to pick up some groceries. Unfortunately, fridge issues have reared its ugly head again, severely limiting the types of things we could buy today.

Wetaskiwin Farms

Marketing not seen very often at farmers’ markets

We made sure to visit Rick and Amy of Barr Estate Wineries again, to pick up a bottle of wine to try (we opted for “The Other Red”, their raspberry wine), and stopped at Halwa Farms to buy some of their stone-ground whole wheat flour. Zucchini from Kuhlmann’s, carrots from Beck Farms and peaches from Steve & Dan’s were other purchases today.


Yellow beans from Kuhlmann’s


Cucumbers from Kuhlmann’s

Steve & Dan's

Peaches and nectarines from Steve & Dan’s

Sundog Organics

Celery from Sundog Organics

Sundog Organics

Carrots from Sundog Organics

Greens, Eggs and Ham

Baby squash and zucchini from Greens, Eggs and Ham

It’s awesome to still see new vendors popping up this late in the season. It was the first week at the City Market for Sunhill Gardens, located near Camrose (they also sell at the Salisbury Market on Thursday nights). The produce they were offering this morning included carrots, potatoes and swiss chard.

Sunhill Gardens

Sunhill Gardens

Also great are the community tents – the book sale being hosted by P.A.L.S. was looking quite busy.

P.A.L.S. booksale

P.A.L.S. tent

Our Saturday routine complete, we are now off to enjoy our annual summer tradition – the Fringe! See you in Old Strathcona!

4 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 14

  1. Thanks for all the colourful pictures, Sharon. I was glad to see all the new vendors out today as well. And good luck with the fridge issues… we’ve had our own this summer so I completely understand. Happy Fringing!

  2. Marianne – thanks for the comment, and for the good wishes with our fridge. It’s so frustrating, but we hope it’ll be fixed soon! Happy Fringing too (if you’re not too wiped from Folk Fest to get out there).

  3. Good roundup; I was down there as well and left with many goodies. I don;t know what I am going to do when the market is gone for the summer.

  4. Bianca – indeed, there will be a huge void where the market was come mid-October. We can hope that a year-round City Market comes soon!

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