Latitude 53 Summer Rooftop Patio Series Finale

I don’t know where the summer has gone – I had great intentions to attend one of the earlier dates of Latitude 53’s Summer Rooftop Patio Series, but before I knew it, their final engagement had come upon us. So though Mack had an early start yesterday (having woken up at the crack of dawn for his segments on Breakfast Television), he was a trooper and accompanied me to the gallery to have a drink.

I loved the laid-back vibe of the event, encouraging patrons to peruse the art with a drink in hand, while volunteers brought around trays of food (in this instance, appetizers were sponsored by Blue Plate Diner).

Rooftop Patio @ Latitude 53

Rooftop patio!

It was a weird evening, weather-wise, however. The above photo was snapped just moments before the skies opened up for a huge downpour…only to clear a little while later. So though the intention was to enjoy the cool summer breeze, we spent most of our time there wandering the gallery spaces and chatting with other attendees indoors (Jonas St. Michael’s Gore, Quebec was creepy and stirring all at the same time – how about that cow’s head next to the axe?).

It’s always fun to meet new people at events such as these, and Thursday was no different. We also saw a few familiar faces, and one in particular – my sister Amanda, who was in the area and had decided to join us.

Rooftop Patio @ Latitude 53

Amanda and Mack (shilling for Alley Kat in the photo, apparently)

Though I’m a little sad that this was the last patio date of the season, I’m glad we were able to take in the Rooftop Patio once this summer! See you next year!

4 thoughts on “Latitude 53 Summer Rooftop Patio Series Finale

  1. Yes, the fastest passing of summer, ever. I’ll put this on my summer “must do” list for next year. Thanks for highlighting it, Sharon.

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