Food Notes for August 16, 2010

  • The Dish is hosting Brews ‘n Views on Thursday, August 19: “Alberta Views magazine presents a public discussion on local food and urban farming with a panel and Show n’ Tell featuring some of Edmonton’s most interesting and innovative inner-city farmers>” Panellists include Patty Milligan (aka Lola Canola) and Ron Berezan.
  • Groupon finally hit Edmonton last week, a site that offers a daily deal on everything from spa certificates to restaurant gift cards, which are available to purchase only if enough people buy in. The first deal released was actually a $50 Sabor Divino gift certificate, priced at only $20.
  • Twyla blogged about Tomato Fare, an annual event put on by Country Greenhouses that celebrates all things tomato.
  • Marianne put together a great behind-the-scenes post on how the volunteers at the Edmonton Folk Fest are fed.
  • Liane wrote a piece about Sal Dimaio, the entrepreneur behind MRKT. I love that the decor was inspired by his parents’ 80s basement.
  • Vue published a review of the fairly new Press Cafe on Whyte Avenue this week.
  • Kevin’s putting together a series of on-the-farm videos, showcasing local producers in all their glory. He will begin posting them in September. I’m looking forward to it!
  • Looks like Fantastia Noodle House (10518 Jasper Avenue) has closed.
  • Downtown office workers rejoice – an Oodle Noodle is opening up at Jasper Avenue and 108 Street, next to the Subway on the main level of the Intact building. Look for it come October.
  • V Sandwiches, the newest Vietnamese sub purveyor in the city, will open their Rice Howard Way location this week (their Twitter account reported a tentative opening date of August 10).

V Sandwiches

V Sandwiches

  • Garage Burger has rebranded, and is now known as The Junction (10242 106 Street). It was supposed to have reopened last Friday, or so the staff working on the renovations told us.

The Junction

The Junction

  • The forthcoming Crepeworks on Whyte (10352 82 Avenue, 780-484-7975) has furniture set up inside – its opening might be just around the corner.


  • With our fridge still in a state of limbo, keeping leftovers for lunch the day has become a challenge. It did provide me with a good excuse to reacquaint myself with pho today, after a few weeks of too-hot weather. Both Pho Tau Bay and Hoa An were closed, so I ended up at King Noodle House (10613-97 Street), which I haven’t been to in a while. The beef brisket was especially delectable; perhaps I’ll find myself there again soon.


Pho with steak and brisket

8 thoughts on “Food Notes for August 16, 2010

  1. Not sure if you know this, but there is a new tea place opening in Edmonton City Center (across from Winners)

  2. Shermie – nope, hadn’t seen that. Thanks!

    Katharine – thanks for reading!

    Tiran – thanks for the update. Did you try the food there?

  3. Hey Sharon,
    The Garage re-brand isn’t so much a re-brand as it’ll have to be new ownership. The owner of the Garage, and my friend Jim Schafer, passed away of a heart attack early this year. His partner Ross opted to no longer run the business without him, and hence the recent lapse in business.

    Hopefully this new place can bear some resemblance to one of my old favourites.

  4. Gordon – I had no idea; sorry to hear about Jim. I also wish Junction well!

    Adam – it’s going to be a great option…but you’re right, maybe too convenient, heh.

  5. Hi Sharon,

    I had a grilled beef sub from V Sandwiches today for lunch and it was fantastic! Thanks for keeping us informed about what’s going on around town.

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