Food Notes for July 26, 2010

I’m grateful summer days are full of daylight – I honestly don’t know where the time goes sometimes (okay, some of it was spent watching The Bachelorette tonight). With a busy week ahead (it is festival season after all), there’s nothing better than a quiet evening capped off with tea and cookies. On to this week’s food notes:

  • The Edmonton Food Bank is having a party on July 27 to celebrate “compost, veggie-gardening and the community’s involvement”, with band Jane’s Party on hand for the festivities. More information here.
  • Speaking of the Food Bank, remember to bring your non-perishable food donation with you when you head to Hawrelak Park for the Heritage Festival this weekend! I’ll see you there – Mack and I have been asked to be a part of the guest judging team this year.
  • Fork Fest wraps up this Thursday. We probably won’t have a chance to take it in ourselves this week, so I was happy to see some of my fellow food bloggers file reports, including Marianne about Jack’s Grill and Chris about The Blue Pear.
  • Liane had some juicy restaurant news this week: first, Daniel Costa is taking over the former Kabsa storefront at 10345 Jasper Avenue, and will be opening an Italian restaurant in the fall.
  • Second, Liane broke that D’Lish will be transformed into a 70 seat wine bar to re-open in September that will serve both lunch and dinner.
  • The new location of Co Co Di got some love in the press this week, with a profile in Vue and a positive review in the Journal.
  • See Magazine had an article about the local brewing scene in Edmonton, featuring Alley Kat, Ambers, and the newest company on the scene, Yellowhead Brewery.
  • Yelp is hiring a Community Manager for Edmonton to help grow the Yelp community in the city – it sounds like a really fun opportunity!
  • The Quons (the venerable family behind The Lingnan and Chicken for Lunch) are returning for another season of reality television, this time in a series highlighting their lives outside of the restaurants as well. Titled The Quon Dynasty, it will begin airing in spring 2011.
  • This is an interesting article from the NYT – with how sourcing from local farmers is now becoming a competitive process.
  • Apparently McDonald’s restaurants in New York just began charging for condiment packets (I remember being charged for ketchup and dips in England). I wonder if this practice will spread to Canada too?
  • We thought our fridge had crapped out on us this week (our fish came out of the fridge warm), but thankfully, it’s now fine. On the bright side, dinner that night meant ordering in from Blue Plate Diner – sweet potato fries FTW!

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries (I can’t get enough of their dip)

  • Wonder what television stars eat for breakfast? Film crews were setting up to shoot something in the Excelsior Lofts on Friday, and I couldn’t help but snap a photo of their catering truck breakfast menu.

Food Cart

Catering truck

  • This week also saw another outdoor event for our staff, and again, the weather cooperated for our second annual watermelon social. I brought my own fruit (I despise watermelon), but it was a great day to sit out in the sun!

Watermelon Social


5 thoughts on “Food Notes for July 26, 2010

  1. Have you applied for the Yelp position? I read the qualifications, and I think you would be a serious candidate.

  2. The new, beautiful, patio at Moriarty’s Bistro & Wine Bar opened up last week. You really need to check this out…..the same beautiful food, atmosphere and service as you would enjoy indoors.

  3. Speaking of the Quons, talked with Miles briefly on Sunday at Taste of Edmonton. He says the truck is done, but no details yet on exactly what it’ll be serving, and where.

    I did mention he could attract attention through Twitter like Eva Sweet Waffles, but he said he’s not very techy.

    We jokingly suggested an Edmonton Food Truck showdown, him vs. Eva Sweet….. would make for a great episode on their new season! He seemed into it, think if we suggest it to Bamir we could get it to happen? =p

  4. Shermie – thanks for the thought! But no, not considering it.

    Roxanne – I’ve walked by the Moriarty’s patio, but have yet to stop in. That’s something I’ll have to do before summer’s end!

    Eva – that’s a great idea! We will have to run it by Bamir…

  5. Great update… and despise watermelon, eh? That is strong. It is such a mild flavour, too. You are the first I have met who doesn’t run with tongue handing when the word is pronounced. Nice idea for a staff event, though.

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