City Market Report: Week 11

One of the neatest things we’ve found about living right above the City Market are the sounds we’re treated to on Saturday mornings – the hum of excited patrons strolling through amidst the soaring notes of busking musicians. My favourite group of late is Capital Sax, a quartet with a repertoire of fun, popular tunes, including “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “My Girl” and even the former “Hockey Night in Canada” anthem.

City Market

Capital Sax

Because we were heading out to Calgary on Saturday, we made every effort to get to the market in expedient fashion.

City Market

Smaller crowds early in the day

While we still missed the opening bell, we were early enough for once to get a fresh crack at the produce available from Sundog Organics.

City Market

Cabbage and cauliflower

Jennifer had been chiding me for a few weeks for coming when their table was nearly empty – and for the first time, I could see why – the variety and abundance they had available was amazing.

City Market

Absolutely gorgeous beets

City Market


City Market


We snagged the last bunch of sprightly leeks and a beautiful bunch of basil – sometimes I am glad vendors accept only cash; I know I would otherwise end up with more food than we could possibly eat ourselves. Jennifer and James of Sundog are also hosting a farm tour on August 1, from 12:30-3:30pm, park-and-ride style. They’re asking for $5/family and $2/individual to cover the cost of the bus. Please e-mail Jennifer to confirm your attendance by July 27 if you’re interested.

Mary Ellen of Greens, Eggs and Ham was also proud to show off some of the new vegetables they had available this week, including multi-coloured carrots and neat stir-fry packs that her daughter Arianna had put together, featuring baby zucchini and squash that are slowly coming along.

City Market

Multi-coloured carrots

City Market

Stir-fry packs (convenient and healthy!)

City Market

Dandelion greens

It’s also difficult to walk past Steve & Dan’s without picking up a basket (or two).

City Market


City Market


Last week, a bouquet from Sundog Organics graced our kitchen table. This week, partly because we were so early, we had the pick of several dozen bouquets offered by St. Albert Greenhouses. I thought it would be a nice table setting for a dinner we’re hosting later this week.

City Market

St. Albert Greenhouses

It was alluded to earlier this year, but Saturday was the first day the market’s “veggie valet” program was offered. Shoppers could leave their purchases with the information tent from 10am-2pm free of charge, which would be convenient for those looking to take in the area’s businesses – catch a matinee at Empire Theatre, have lunch at Blue Plate Diner, borrow some books from Stanley Milner. It’ll be interesting to see if people take advantage of the service

City Market

Veggie valet

I love how the market has become a hub for many things, in part because it does draw so many people downtown every week. The City set up a display in the intersection for their “Have a Heart Give Smart” campaign, trying to raise awareness on the issue of donating to charities instead of to individual panhandlers.

City Market

Have a Heart Give Smart

Right next to them? A “guerrilla yoga” session, courtesy of Lululemon.

City Market

Street yoga

Next week sees the City Market series of monthly festivals continue, this time in celebration of Food Day Canada on July 31. Expect chef demonstrations, including talks by Chef Blair Lebsack of Madison’s Grill and Chef Duane Hicks of Blue Plate Diner. See the schedule of events here.

See you there next week!

2 thoughts on “City Market Report: Week 11

  1. I don’t think I’ve mentioned before that I’m really, really happy to see somebody doing weekly coverage of the market. Great idea.

  2. Thanks for reading, Kevin! I will admit that it wasn’t my idea though – I was inspired by blogs in the U.S. that do similar reports (focusing on what’s fresh and available that week).

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