Food Notes for April 20, 2010

Though I am loving the sunshine, we are in dire need of rain. For the farmers, and for us city dwellers who don’t want to be confronted with yet another funnel of sand and dust. On a related note, remember to help a tree out if you can!

  • A reminder that Sorrentino’s Big Garlic Night is on tomorrow, April 21. 5% of the total food sales will be going towards the Campaign for Prostate Health.
  • Southgate and Century Park LRT lines open on Saturday, and to celebrate, the City is hosting a Community Fair at Century Park. In addition to garage tours and displays, look for a City Centre Market sampler featuring a handful of vendors, including Greens, Eggs and Ham!
  • You may remember reading about the Edmonton Food Bank’s Expressions of Hunger contest (I wrote about it back in February). Voting opened a few weeks ago, and continues until April 30. Mack also had the chance to attend their spring fundraising gala last Thursday.
  • Speaking of the Food Bank, Isabelle of CBC (and The Little Red Kitchen) is in the process of collecting family recipes for a book that will be sold as a means of raising money for the Food Bank.
  • Interested in learning more about permaculture? Then you might be interested in the full-day seminars of “A Taste of Permaculture”, happening May 1.
  • There are lots of reasons to love Alberta Avenue, and you can add another to the list – their Community League offers “Homesteading the Avenue” workshops, on topics ranging from natural cleaning products to gardening.
  • Liane posted that L1, the trendy revamped lounge to accompany the Fantasyland Hotel’s new restaurant, L2, opened on April 16.
  • The Journal started a second ongoing series, focusing on local foodies with panache. Craig Jarrell, an aspiring chef who works at the Italian Centre, was profiled first.
  • Also in the Journal, a restaurant which from the review seems worthy of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Smokey Joe’s. Mack and I have to get down there, soon.
  • Vue Weekly profiled Moriarty’s this past week. Watch for a warm weather patio (which is probably out now, actually), next to Sherlock’s ever-popular outdoor seating.
  • See released their ballots for their 15th annual “Best of See” poll. Voting is open until May 3.
  • Foodie Suz announced that she will no longer be blogging about food, and instead, will be writing about her trips. Check out her new blog here.
  • This is pretty cool – a map of diners’ and critics’ choices of the best 2010 Chinese restaurants in the Vancouver area.
  • The NYT had a good read on why so many people despise cilantro with such a passion (even if the reason is the underlying makeup of the herb, everyone has something “common” they can’t stand. Mine? Watermelon.)
  • Last week, the McDonald’s board of directors announced that they oppose the use of cage-free eggs for the U.S.
  • T2 is finally ready, and is set to open on Friday. Friends and family got a sneak peek earlier this week – check out some photos here. Our own drive-by shot of their external sign is below:



  • Another drive-by shot, this time taken on a bus. A new Mediterranean restaurant called The Oil Lamp (10247 97 Street, 780-429-0808) has opened in McCauley, just east of the Law Courts. You can see a menu on Urban Spoon.

The Oil Lamp

7 thoughts on “Food Notes for April 20, 2010

  1. I agree with the rain part…some of us need to wear our Hunters 😉 and we still need to do lunch at Copper Pot since you ignore my messages 😛

  2. I finally know someone who despises watermelon! People think I’m crazy because it seems to be such a universal summer snack but it’s the texture and “watery-ness” that I find so off putting..

  3. Amanda – we’ll go soon!

    Debra – I find the same thing, though sometimes the reverse is true too. I loved soy milk as a kid, but now I can’t stand it.

    Christel – I did see the link, thanks. It’s actually included in my list above (though with the lack of spaces between lines, easy to miss).

    Elizabeth – it’s the watermelon smell for me. But I hear you, we watermelon haters are in the minority.

  4. I drove past The Oil Lamp the other day and thought it looked interesting, but was slightly confused when I read “Steaks” and “Pizza” on the sign next to “Mediterranean”. Good to see the full menu includes more Mediterranean food than pizza!

    Speaking of pizza…Transcend looks great, but it’s a real shame Pharos is no longer there 😦

  5. I have to say I only ever visited Pharos once (back in university), and it was tasty! It’s always sad to bid adieu to favourites, but I’m happy a great local business moved in.

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