Food Notes for February 15, 2010

Though I wouldn’t expect anything less, Canada is embroiled in Olympic Fever! I have to say I am enjoying my share of the Vancouver coverage, but there seems to be a daily limit of how much I can watch. In other news, have you taken a look at the plan for Fort Edmonton Park yet? It proposes the inclusion of several new restaurants, among other additions. I encourage you to take the survey – it’s a piece of the puzzle that will help shape the future of one of the city’s attractions. On to this week’s food notes:

  • Jeff and Sally of The Edmontonian posted a great article on Culina – definitely worth a read. Also on the Culina front – the family of restaurants has started a blog. Knowing that this is their second attempt at this (the “blog” link on their revamped website was rarely used), I wish them luck with keeping it up!
  • Farmers’ market news from Liane: Sparrow’s Nest Organics won’t be returning to the City Centre Market this year. However, interested consumers can still buy into their CSA program.
  • Mary Ellen and Andres Gruenberg of Greens, Eggs and Ham are offering their pre-payment plan for a second year in a row – a minimum of $25o will guarantee you a great selection of products year round. I participated last year, and found it to be a convenient way to access local goods from a farming family that I trust. E-mail Mary Ellen for more information.
  • Look out for a new Famoso to open soon in Christy’s Corner (13655 St. Albert Trail, 780-732-0222). The suburbs are just bursting with restaurants, aren’t they?
  • I wrote a short profile on Brett Roy of Sweet Lollapalooza that appeared in this week’s Vue Weekly.
  • Also on the subject of chocolate, Valerie wrote an exhaustive post about her recent single origin chocolate tasting at home. I think I experienced cocoa fatigue just reading it!
  • Though I’ve seen online “cooking challenges” before (Food Network Canada has a monthly recipe invitation, for example), I think Valerie and BruleeBlog’s joint trial of a Momofuku recipe was a first at the Edmonton blog level. I hope to see more such challenges!
  • Though Valentine’s Day is over – an interesting article from the NYT about new insight into the world of aphrodisiacs, and an amusing list of the ten most romantic restaurants in Edmonton from Urban Spoon that demonstrates the dire need for critical mass in some situations (Taco del Mar made it onto the list.  Twice.).
  • I stumbled upon Ottawa Citizen food writer Ron Eade’s blog this week – it is fantastic. A notable post – his musings on the “Canadian credibility gap” between what the country says they buy…and what they actually buy.
  • I forgot to link to this last week – Canadian Tire is venturing into food.
  • I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day! Though Cookies by George has made a killing on their “Because you can’t eat flowers” slogan, someone should play on the cookie idea with bread. Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of freshly baked bread? Anyway, knowing my weakness, I came home on Friday to homemade bread. Given that it was his first attempt, Mack wasn’t expecting much, but his loaf turned out great! I especially loved the crust. The only downside is that I may now expect a loaf at every special occasion…


Mack’s first loaf!

  • In lieu of our indulgent dinner at Madison’s Grill a few weeks back, Mack and I decided keep our expenses in check for Valentine’s Day. So we ended up at one of our favourite joints in the city to share a plate of poutine.


A Route 99 specialty



4 thoughts on “Food Notes for February 15, 2010

  1. Good going MACK! Baking your own bread is so easy, and instant gratification – once you do it! Great job! Wasn’t it fun? What did you think about it? I had better check out your site to see if you wrote about it.
    You always surprise me, Sharon! I find you have read my posts by reading yours… I guess you are always too wiped out to write anything after your read! 🙂
    I am surprised you made it to the end of the chocolate post. :0 🙂 Did you really? 😉

  2. I think I am most excited at the Famoso news than anything else you wrote about – including the mention of the recipe experiment by Valerie and I. LOL

  3. Debra – I have to agree!

    Valerie – yeah, I’m not a very good commenter. And I will admit to skimming your chocolate tasting post with the intention of going back at some point when I am in need of a reference point for single origin chocolate. It must have taken you ages to compose the post!

    BruleeBlog – it’s always great when a favourite restaurant opens up in your neighbourhood, eh?

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